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+1 for anagram

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I liked this a lot. Solving simple algebraic equations against the clock is harder than it
sounds :-)

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Math as navigation is interesting, but the lack of much gameplay hurts the game.

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Creative idea with the navigation system. I like the smooth motion of the calculator when it
moves. A little story would be nice of course, but it's got a nice atmosphere. :)

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It's very .. very... I'm not sure what it is, but it's very non the less.

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Too easy, give me a 3x3 systems of equations problem to solve! (in the forth installment, or
just go back and make the first 2)

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I just realized I'm terrible at math.

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All is working. However, the game is too "wtf" in order to be really funny, in my opinion, and the
game mechanism really too simplistic.

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I could not unlock the locked things and the duck...well it was strange

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Cool game, already wrote comment on your diary.

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I thought a math-based game would always be terrible, but this is actually pretty cool. Good
production values and cool graphics, and it was actually fun ... OK so I had to cheat once by
quickly pulling up a calculator while battling the gooze.

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Nice gameplay just like those good old text adventures. Could become a good math learning
game. If it just had some better graphics and a nice story.

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It's an average game, but I liked it. Everything seemed to work fine.

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i finished this game, so far it is still nice but i am sure if continues after a while it could be
very boring. I want to praise the innovation over all the rest; it miss a part with the division
by the way ;P the essential graphic and sounds fit well with the game. the gameplay is
absolutely crazy. well done :)