PyWeek - FamilyGuys2 - feedback

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2 2 1 yes

Liked this game. The graphics and sound effects are really nice. However, it doesn't relate to the theme at all.
Keep working on it.

5 3 3

Wow, this felt very Nintendo-ish, you did a good job creating a 1942 clone. It was a little easy however, you should disable shooting enemy shots as well as introduce 3 lives rather than 1 live multiple hits.

3 2 1

too short and easy :(

3 3 2

What's with the tiny window?

3 3 2

The connection to the twisted theme is a bit vague. Twisted chopper? Anyway, the game is nice, though short.

3 3 1

A short but fairly enjoyable shmup. Could use a bit more screen real estate. :) The pace of the gameplay also seems a bit too frantic, setting the FPS to 25 from 40 resulted in a much more enjoyable game. The AI missles could also play the explosion sound effect and play a short animation when the player hits them and destroys them.

3 3 2

where is the twist ?

3 3 1

Cool old-style shooter. It needs more worlds, enemies and weapons. But is really nice.

3 3 1

Fun little shooter, although I'm not entirely sure where 'twisted' came in.

2 3 2

Unfortunately, the game feels like a cookie cutter version of your typical birds-eye-view military shoot-em-up. However, it looks like you're off to a good start - keep trying, and I think you'll come up with something more original and fun to play.

4 5 2 yes

Excellent production in this little game. These sorts of games are harder than they look, and this game does it crisply and responsively.

I felt it was a little too much of a strech to fit the theme. I get it, it's a HELIcopter, bit the twisting motion of the blades was irrelevant here. Hence the disqualify vote.

3 3 2

I don't know where to take away points for not working in the theme of the competition, so you score low in innovation for that. Besides that it's a nice little game. You need more levels.

2 2 1

do you have implemented a frame limiter? it's a little bit fast on my machine...

4 4 1 yes

Nicely done.. but where's the theme?

4 4 3

Please add more levels, and make them more difficult as well :-)

3 4 2


2 2 1

classic arcade game

3 3 2

solid game, nothing innovative but good for a quick game

1 2 1

An OK retro shoot-em-up, I couldn't see the connection to the theme.

2 2 2

Good try, but there wasn't anything special about it. :)

3 2 1 yes

I could not found use of theme. It seems like a classic top=scroller

3 2 2

Bigger screen and a bunch of levels and I would have been sold.

3 3 1 yes

tis has no connection to the topic "twisted"

2 2 2

Its a little too easy.

3 4 3

Nice game. Well executed. More, please.

5 2 2

The screen size could have been bigger and there could have been more levels, but wow the game was sooo fun :) I like raptor and raptor clones are fun :)

2 3 1

Where is the twisted part?

4 3 1

Nice game. A bit light on the theme (did you even read what the theme was? :D) A big improvement
over your tictactoe game! A couple of more levels, a powerup or two and a litle more "twist" and
this game would have been top3!

3 3 1

Nice 8-bit shooter. You should have 2x magnified the screen so I can see it on a high-res monitor. Solid start on a game that could be taken further.

2 3 2

Very well done, a simple game that's fun to play.

2 1 1 yes

it does not follow the subject : twisted

4 4 4

Nice retro feel. A bit short,

2 2 1

bit small of a window don't you think?

Sound would be nice.

Not a bad remake of this game theme though.

2 4 1

Which is the twisted part?

3 2 1

It's funny but the first (and unique) level is too easy. The screen is too much little.

2 3 1

The graphics were good (if small). Unfortunetly the game ran far too quickly and was over in about a minute. Stardard scroller apart from that.

2 3 1

Didn't involve the theme if at all. Just a vanilla shooter. Works though!

2 2 1 yes

I see no "twisting" at all in this little vertical arcade shoot em up. Too fast and choppy to be
very enjoyable. No music.

4 3 3

The graphics are great - I just miss some music or at least some sound effects. The semi-fullscreen mode didn't work for me. It'd be a good top-down shooter with some audio and levels..

4 3 3

Short and Sweet - some more levels would have been nice, though. I was also missing some sound and sadly the Semi-Full-Screen-Mode did not work for me (nothing happened when I pressed F10). Nice graphics! :)

3 3 1 yes

Don't see how it relates to "twisted".

4 3 2

An interesting and funny minigame.
It could use some sound and background music.

bug: destroyed turrets are displayed above the copter