PyWeek - shundread - feedback

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3 3 4

A very neat idea. I liked the dynamic lighting and the sound mechanic. The presentation was
quite stylish also. The minimap didn't seem to correspond to the complexity of the space but it
still worked to help orient me in the maze. Nice game.

2 4 4

Search in the dark for your family members and escape down the center bottom. Red expanding
circles indicate noise, either from you or from the monster that chases after you. Once the
monster is on your tail it's pretty unshakable--it moves much faster than you. Innovative,
used the theme well, and definitely finished! Sadly I didn't find it exactly fun to play.
Tuning would help--once the monster hears you the game is basically over--but ultimately
stumbling around in the mostly-dark trying to avoid making red circles and avoiding the
monster's red circles just wasn't much fun. Maybe if there were ways to stun the monster? More
than one monster, but nerfed? Not sure.

2 3 3

The vision system, combined with the "echo location" thing, could make for quite a cool game. I
could imagine being trapped inside a building, with monsters outside, looking for a way out.
However, it needs more detail in the buildings, and there wasn't enough to do; exploring and
looking for people in a mostly empty landscape wasn't that fun.

3 3 3

Very not forgiving :)

4 5 4

too hard, could not win nice little game, cool idea

3 2 3

I quite liked the visibility system and the family followed me smoothly. Would have been much
nicer with a few sprites.

3 3 4

I'm not too good at this type of game (or really any game), but I liked radar rings that told me
where the monsters were coming from and liked using the mouse to change the view. That
crunching sound was really creepy, in a good scary game sort of way.

2 2 3

Interesting creation. Alas, this kind of blind groping game doesn't appeal to me. But I do like
how you handled line-of-sight. Was that a minimap? I couldn't understand it. I found a couple
family. But then I got et, and I'm not sure how. I thought the baddy noise was pretty far away.

3 3 4

This game has good tense. The ugly art work fits with the horror atmosphere. The mini map is
useless. That's bad for exploring the large map.

4 3 4

The visuals could do better, but overall it's a fun little game. Nice work :)

2 2 3

This works, but a little difficult to really enjoy