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4 2 4

This is a neat game, but I the chars sometimes were clipped and it was hard to figure out what
should be typed... Still, I played until I won. I guess that says something...

3 2 4

Fun game. Love the sound effects. Many thanks!

3 4 4

Game hung on me pretty frequently. I didn't notice a tutorial in game, but I had fun once I figured out that typing was involved. Cool music.

4 4 4

Very good concept, the theme of the game was a very good idea. I like the mechanic of the game and it's fun to play. I also like how each level is a programming language/platform. Graphics and music are good. Great work.

1 3 1

What was this? There seemed to be nothing I could do and no instructions.

3 3 3 yes

Keeps crashing on Ubuntu Karmic:

ALSA lib pcm_pulse.c:732:(pulse_prepare) PulseAudio: Unable to create stream: Too large

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 4, in <module>
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/gamelib/", line 22, in main
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/cocos/", line 280, in run
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/app/", line 264, in run
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/app/", line 83, in run
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/window/xlib/", line 1167, in dispatch_platform_event
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/window/xlib/", line 1321, in _event_key
self.dispatch_event('on_key_press', symbol, modifiers)
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/window/", line 1218, in dispatch_event
EventDispatcher.dispatch_event(self, *args)
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/", line 340, in dispatch_event
if handler(*args):
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/gamelib/", line 529, in on_key_press'key-typed.wav')
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/gamelib/", line 105, in play
a = sounds[name].play().volume = sound_vol
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/media/", line 396, in play
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/media/", line 797, in queue
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/media/", line 893, in _begin_source
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/media/", line 724, in _fill_audio
File "/home/hpl/Games/PythonGames/pyweek-11-all/fairy_tunes/Exception_Uncaught_1.4/pyglet/media/drivers/alsa/", line 155, in write
raise ALSAException(asound.snd_strerror(samples_out)) File descriptor in bad state

3 3 3

Fun concept that could do with more polishing.

3 2 4

Only for insiders

3 2 3

Not bad, although, without the promised tutorial, it took a little time to figure out.

3 2 2

The game seemed to live up to it's name, exception-wise, and only worked reliably after I'd commented out all calls. I'd be surprised if the lord of the rings map is legally redistributable :)

1 1 1 yes

It kept segfaulting on me, sorry! I was only able to play it for a couple of minutes. I have to say the controls were really hard to figure out. The readme said there would be a tutorial. You should have at least said what you were supposed to do at some point.

4 3 4

Very interesting control system. It gave me a little trouble, because I'm not the best typist in the world, but I got to the end eventually. Can we get more words like "nil" and fewer like "killall" in the sequel, please? ;-)

5 5 4

Funniest typing learning game (except that zombie killing thing, of course).

4 2 3

The "catch stuff while avoiding stuff" mechanic is not a very good fit for a typing game but it was great fun for three levels. Also the setting (including the narration!) is great fun. It may be the first time I'm not concerned about the use of copyrighted stuff, since it's clearly fair use under the parody section.

2 3 4

Interesting control system. It took me a while to find out what to do without instructions. I'm still not sure I did...

2 3 3


2 3 4

cool idea.

1 1 1 yes

Sorry, didn't work for me, WinXP 32 bit, Python2.7 and 2.6.5. stack trace given in pyweek message board.

3 4 4

Well... different. Certainly different.

2 2 3

The same input system could possibly have been made into a better game. There didn't often feel like any real risk or conflict was in the game. The art style lacked visual contrast. Fonts got cut off. These things all kinda dragged down a pretty ok concept.

4 3 4

Your readme claims that there's a tutorial in the game, but there isn't? Anyway, it was simple enough to figure it out. The text was always cut a little on the bottom, so words like "pypy" looked like "pvpv", but apart from this I enjoyed it.

1 4 1

Well produced, but it keeps crashing. Also, the gameplay is hardly any fun.