PyWeek - Forrest and Andrew - feedback

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Hmm the enemies never get past any of my towers... and they dont come faster or harder

3 3 3

Pretty nice music, and the idea is quite neat. Somehow the game falls short though, maybe it just wasn't as addicting as regular tower defense.

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I didn't understand the game... was I winning ? was I losing ? It needs to give feedback to the user

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This game was pretty good, the electric string idea is good. Sound is good. It would have been very fun if you had left the bodies lying around. :P To be honest it kind of bored me after a while, since you just build the strings and watch the poor red balls get shocked, but it's fun to watch anyway, even if it needs something more to do. :) I think it would have been much more interesting if there were more exit points and more balls came out at once, attacking different hubs. Anyway, nice job.

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Hah, fun for a while, buuut, didn't figure out how to win. Oh well, relaxing to play and watch. Hope you continue production on this :)

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Instructions were a little vague. Just circles the spawn point, and the game plays itself
after that. Interesting concept.

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Needs some sort of way to tell how well one is doing. Seems to have no challenge whatsoever.

3 4 3

Gameplay was a bit too simplistic, nice looking graphics though.

3 3 3

Not bad, perhaps it needs some kind of level structure or incrementing difficulty? Didn't really seem possible to lose...

2 3 2

I did not understand the meaning of the message string crosses string at very unexpected places. Also, the game was very easy to beat.

1 4 3

Seems way too easy, unless I'm missing the point.

3 4 3

Game not completed yet, but still a good one to play.

3 2 4

I get "string crosses string" when string does not cross string. Also, the enemies don't seem to get any stronger...<br><br>Otherwise, I haven't ever seen any tower defense game that wasn't a mod of another game, so this is very innovative!

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not a great implementation of tower defense. just cross a string over the enemys generator and you win forever doing nothing. also, many error of "crosses string" when it should not.

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Didn't undertstand the game objective at all!

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The idea is nice. with more enemy sources, better AI, and end of game detection I think it could
be interesting (now it is easy to defeat, and endless... or at least I didn't play it long enough
to have any trouble)

4 4 3

Liked it. Want more lvls!

3 3 3

Not sure if I really understood the gameplay except keep clicking to make more hubs, but I played it for a while and enjoyed it :)

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Nice enough.. Might be more fun with a score and a couple of different enemy type but stil.. nice.

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you can apparently win if you just surround the starting area with a lot of nodes and strings.

3 3 2

Pretty incomplete

2 3 3

Well - sadly there is no way to win and after about 2 minutes you already surrounded the enemy spawn-point.

1 3 2

Doesn't seem to be any object other than not getting killed. Seems a bit buggy -- I kept getting "String crosses string" errors for no apparent reason.

3 4 3

Neat game! I like the music and graphics quite a bit -- the production of the game feels very nice. As I'm sure you're aware, it's a bit lacking in things to do, but it's still interesting. The string-crossing algorithm was a bit off, and it seemed very hit-or-miss if it was actually detecting a real cross or not. Even so, it was a neat game, and well executed. Well done!

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It need more gameplay

2 2 1

Well, another tower defense game. Not in Pyweek, just in general. There are already way too many! :D

I guess it was fun programming it, anyway. Well done!

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3 4 4

Fun little game with original idea. I liked the music and sounds!

3 3 3

Decent game.