PyWeek - Evilmrhenry - feedback

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3 4 4

Very interesting engine, nice lighting effects. Game is fun but needs a bit more polish (textures, menus, level design). Fifth level is tough. Even though it's a strategy game, it has a lot of suspense going on. A good one-week game.

4 2 4

Pretty fun to play and challanging.
A background music could add a lot more.
Additionally, I suggest limiting the use of 'space' key (so the player will have to use it wisely).

3 3 3

cool little stealth game

3 2 3

It's OK.

2 3 3

The idea is fine, although it is too easy to eat humans... And the game is very jumpy (unplayable, even) on slow computers

3 3 3

I'm missing music and some kind of story on this one.

5 5 4

Very nice graphics, especially the lights being occluded by the towers. Fun to play, and the sounds are a nice touch when you eat a human. Great!

3 4 4

This is a great piece of code from Evilmrhenry. I am really impressed by the way the look of this game turned out. The game is not terribly complicated (RUN RUN AWAY FROM THE LIGHT :) ) but the graphics make it look extremely professional. Great job on the visuals!

2 3 2

unable to play it in a pc with average graphics card - needed to do it in a pc with a good one.

5 3 4

One of my favourites of the competition. It's got the difficulty about right and splattering humans was great.

1 2 2


2 2 3

Clever idea, well done, but lacking some punch. Maybe the sounds need to be worked on a bit more, to add more atmosphere.

1 1 1


1 1 1

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File "C:\Python242\downprogs\pyweek3\monsters-tower\code\", line 163, in main
tempfps=display.draw_frame(loc, z, lookdir, cur_level, health, flash, radianpldir)
File "/home/trcarlson/Desktop/python/monsters-tower/code/", line 223, in draw_frame
GLerror: [Errno 1280] invalid enumerant

4 3 2

Not bad. With nicer graphics, more detailed levels, and a better default view, this could be really cool. The default view is way too far away from the character and results in it being difficult to work out who/what you are and generally connect with the character.

3 3 3

a good music is missing.

3 2 4

Fun concept. It's a little drab looking, however. Hard ot see your player and the baddies.

3 3 4

good game and really nice concept! quite a lot of gaming into only 36K of code..
it just need a little bit more polishing around everything..
what's the difference between devour and devour messily?

3 4 3

I was quite a while getting the game to work until I switched to a Linux box. The perspective effect is very well made, and the visual field of your enemies too.

4 3 3

I really like the messy eating. The blood splatter was great.

I wish it'd gotten further along in the development. I'd like to get a better image of where you were going with the idea.

3 3 3

Interesting Metal Gear Solid'ish play :)
I found I couldn't really relate to the character, killing humans and all. ;)

The graphics are nice, and I was thinking that a menu, and some nice music would definitely bring up the production value of the game.

4 4 2

- Nice world.

3 3 3

Very well put together.

3 3 4 yes

Interesting mechanic, though the human's light beams move too quickly and randomly for my liking. No use of theme.

2 2 4

The fans-of-light idea is something I haven't seen anywhere before.
I'm not sure what the point of the non-messy vs. messy kills is supposed to be. There doesn't appear to be any downside to just keeping the shift key down all the time, which seems to make getting kills extremely easy.
Probably wouldn't want to play more than once in current form, but it might be more interesting with more varied levels and challenges.

3 3 4

Very nice game. One of the best in the group. The player seems to move almost too quickly, and the humans are kind of dumb. But the game would be impossibly hard if that wasn't the case. I'm not sure what is needed to take this game from "kinda fun" to "really awesome", but it's close to being there.

2 2 3

I think there could be a fun game here, but it's not there yet. It gets harder in later levels, but still you're just wailing on the 'attack' button while trying to stay out of the sight cones. The graphics are bland, although the sight cones look neat.

3 3 4

Nice idea! Some more sound effects and graphics detail would have been nice.

3 4 3

Nice sneaking game. Too easy and short though.

2 4 3

could not view lights in any other zoom leves. the guys move with morepresicion thean you, and it makes killing them hard

3 2 3

seems good and fun, but was hard to move the player, its response is bad (in a mac os x g4 1.2ghz at

2 2 2

The game has some technical merits, though some of the more intensive levels lag on my machine. That doesn't make it very entertaining though - the pretty much AI-less guards don't provide much of a challenge, the controls aren't very fluid and everything is too hard to see in the dark. The light cones also disappear sometimes while using the zoom functionality.

4 4 4

This feels like a bad horror movie or something. In a good way ;)
The level where there were a lot of humans with large light cones was easily the best (and hardest) one. You had to wait for them to leave a small opening in their combined light and then dash in to grab a few. I got cornered a few times with no way out :)

The game would be extremely tense in "real" first person 3D, maybe having the humans equipped with weapons as well. They could fire in panic if they heard someone nearby get devoured, but could only aim properly if you were illuminated. Maybe your movement could be impaired in bright light as well to increase the challenge. Oh well, great potential at any rate :)

3 2 3

The gameplay is too fast to make a 'sneaking' feeling and it's a bit too easy to run into a spotlight by accident. Colourless graphics. It' still fun for a couple of minutes and has potential to be a good game.