PyWeek - I See You - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 3

Nice little net-hack kind of game. Missing gui and sound unfortunately.

3 3 3

OK nethack'ish game. Feels very incomplete, as there's no clear overarching goal or aim, just random exploration and combat.

3 3 3

The gameplay is a bit repetitive.

3 3 4

nice game ;)

4 3 2

3 3 3

cool game style, reminds me of mines of everlore. has a lot of potential.

3 4 3

This could be going somewhere!

3 5 3

Nicely produced. Needed a little more variance in the game play. Wasn't as stongly tied in to the theme as I would have liked.

4 3 3

Pretty good, as far as it goes. Would be much improved with a bit of polish.

1 2 3

I didn't find this fun. There is no real goal and I don't see how my character is improving when I kill stuff and get new attacks.

3 3 3

It's an engine that works, now it's time to really make it fun

2 3 2

I get lost.
Can't understand the logic behind holes and ladders.
Then looks very hard to die.

4 2 3

This game is in the rare category: It Works! Sadly, that is a good and refreshing thing so far this Pyweek. :)

I like the endless dungeon thing and the powers. I especially like the line of sight detail: nice touch.

I found myself wanting: Sound and mood music. On-screen telltales, especially something more quantitative than "X is more powerful". I wanted to see how powerful they are, since they all seemed about the same and the novelty of choosing wore off quickly. These would have boosted your production score.

I had fun with what you had at the end of Pyweek. You could have a foundation for a great little game here. There aren't enough pygame hack-n-slash. Please grow it for Pyggy or in your spare time!

3 2 1

Most basic roguelike I've yet seen. But still, killing monsters and getting new abilities is fun. I wonder why you didn't add ten times as many abilities and monster types. All you'd need is to pick a cool name and a sprite to go with it from base.png.

3 3 3

yes a bit basic but if you had more time it could have more compelling concepts.

4 3 3

The game would be quite a bit more comprehensible if the messages that printed out to the console appeared in the game. I had catted the README to the terminal and scrolled up so I could read it during the game and I missed all those message during my first playthrough.

Once I got the hang of the game, it seemed pretty straightforward. I didn't see any reason to use anything but my strongest ability. At first I tried to match my attack to the creature, but it didn't seem to make a difference as to which one leveled up. Anyway, by the end I was using the Fire Breath exclusively. My final stats were 97/62/105/136. I'm pretty sure I made it to the bottom. At least, a level where there were only up ladders.

2 3 2

Too many enemies!

2 3 2

didn't see where to go or the goal was

4 3 3

this game is a good work and reminds me castle of the winds

3 3 3

Was showing promise, pity you ran out of time :( Feels like Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup :)

4 4 3

I feel tougher having played this game.

2 3 3

good one

3 4 2

Ok a nethack like game. Where exactly was the mutation element? Still interesting to play a little more polished and it might be fun.