Evolution of Adventure

Adventure awaits! Immerse yourself into an intriguing fantasy world, and embark on a great journey. Test your wits against complex puzzles standing to prevent you from reaching your ultimate goal.


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Diary Entries

A rocky start, but finally making good progress

After a rocky start and bumpy road, we're making definite progress on our project. We set the bar even higher than our previous entries—a real challenge, but one we were prepared to face. After some technical failures and complications with several tools (especially the exporter in our pipeline from Blender to the 3D engine), we've kept up with development schedules for the most part.

So far, the work impresses me. I'm pleased with our interpretation of the challenge theme "8-bit" as eight bits, or pieces, as the central driving force of our game. As well, our interface design for collection and manipulation of items, being somewhat experimental and rarely seen (as far as I'm aware) in other adventure games, improves immersion over the conventional intrusive inventory interface found in most games of this class. The size of the map should also prove appealing, providing a sense of grandure and mystery.

We're currently in the phase of programming puzzle mechanics and implementing sound effects. Further work on detailing the environment is also on the agenda. We want this to be our best entry ever.

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