Enter The Foo

Gonna put a spell on you


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Remember the Master was an important Member to the ANZ Empirites ...

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So, we were able to get a tweakable
engine up before the work week began,
and have been hacking on it since.
There remains the Friday all-nighter.
We have excellent help with the art.
A full sheet for the protag' is already
complete. Booya. .

The end game of the comp is nigh.
Ready your endorphins and caffiene pills.

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All nighter again and now our collective brains are now mush ... We had a show-stopper bug in our collisions lib unfortunately so don't have the game ready - also considerproblem with configuring all the sprites properly in the game. We'll keep everyone posted on progress of the game, though we won't have an entry this time :(

But there is always pyweek4 ... anyhow, for those who are interested in seeing where we were going (with no brakes):

Source code repos for PyWeek ... And the Master whispered: "Enter the Foo"

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Obligatory screenshot

So, the comp's over. It isn't about
the comp anymore, it's about the game.
We'll complete and polish it up and
plan to have it available for download
from pygame.org within a month or so.

Here's a screenshot

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