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3 3 1


3 4 4

Neat concept.

4 3 4

A fun game, despite it's simplicity. However, sometimes it is a little to repetitive. I would love to see an evolved version of this game.

4 2 2

Nice fun for one or two plays!

3 3 3

crashes due to pygame parachute

3 2 3

it's very funny.

3 3 4

This is good, but short. The next step should be to develop the content, add different enemies, different allies, different terrain. Besides shortness, no problems at all.

5 4 4

Aside from the crash, which you could not have known about, this game is simple, well put together, and very fun.

5 3 4

Simple but effective. I like it!

4 4 4

Well done! I was really impressed with the smoothness of gameplay and graphics -- great usage of DanC's sprites -- I completely forgot all about those until I read about them in your README. It was a lot of fun to play, but a bit hard to control the friendlies -- I wasn't sure what was up with the grappling hook-like-thing that joins you when you get close enough, and I didn't feel like I had much control to send the Kamikazi'ing into the enemy. I liked the way you put it all together with the sounds, music and graphics -- nice usage of available resources. Well done! Overall a nice solid little game.

2 4 3

This game seemed like it would be cool, but i didn't quite figure it out, and i also was a bit frustrated by the fact that i couldn't rotate with finer resolution then 45 deg. Overall, though, nice polish in general, and i think the concept might be interesting, but i couldn't quite figure it out.

5 5 5

Very cool idea! Would like to see it taken further!

4 2 3

Is fanny

4 3 4

Enjoyable. Could have done with a few more little robots on level 2, since it seemed much better to ignore them and use the popgun.

5 3 4

Graphics are a bit poor, and the game is not very clear at the beginning, but it got me playing to the end, and I loved the game mechanic. Well done!

2 3 2

Good music, nice menus, gameplay needed something more

3 3 2

I like, but it similar to other game

1 1 1 yes

The game don´t work. But i dont know why!

1 1 1 yes

The game don´t work, but i don´t know why! I am a graphic artist.

4 4 4

Looks great and is a lot of fun. I think this could become a really great game. Maybe add different kinds of drones for different tasks/weapons, like additional guns, shield, flame thrower, etc.
Great job.

3 3 2

Unfortunately I actually got a segfault after destroying the tank on level one (custom game seemed to work better)

It wasn't clear what was happenning when I "linked up" with those other small bots, seemed they would fill up green and then suicide on the tank?

It did have quick gameplay and the sound effects integrated well with the gameplay.

4 3 3

Innovative idea getting the other bots to do your shooting for you. Smoothly implemented, fairly challenging.

4 4 4

was really fun to play ^^

1 3 3 yes

looks fun .. no numpy.

4 4 4

The music is a bit too calm and doesn't seem to fit but everything else is very nice. Two thumbs up.

3 3 3

I finish the game but I don't get congratulations or somethings... I finish again and see my
score: 127000.

4 3 4

Hey, that is a lot of fun for such a simple gameplay mechanic. Kudos!

2 3 2

It was fun for the first minutes to destroy the enemies... until the runtime eror came.

Nice to have supporters when shooting at others.

Graphics are ok, no sound, and despite the nasty runtime bug everything was allright. The bug appeared near the end of the first "easy" mission. The game crashed and a runtime exception appeared.

Nice little game

3 3 3

The game was fun, but it crashed after I destroyed one of those huge tank things.