PyWeek - Eigenbom2009 - feedback

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3 4 4

Loved the style

3 3 3

no sound?

4 3 3

can't have enough adventure games :D

4 4 3

Very very cool one! Well done, attractive. Great endings!

3 4 3

liked the art style. took a while to get fast enough, especially with the annoying side/back lawn exit flipping around so it's too easy to accidentally go back where you just where and lose time.

4 3 4

All in all pretty good, cute graphics, but "sudden deaths" made it frustrating. Didn't beat the game.

4 5 4

Wow, excellent work on this game. I like the graphic style and I like the way the text is on the ground. :) I thought this game was quite fun, I managed to solve it without the walkthrough. I really liked the way you had to knock out the man - it was quite exciting to do that, it makes you stay on your toes (I had to take a lot of tries to do it correctly - and to realize I had to knock him out instead of just getting the ball and running away). The extra endings are a very nice touch, too. Sounds and music would have put a finishing touch to it. Congratulations on such a great game. :)

3 3 4

Messages over the world surface, and not over a pop up or hud message area are great !<br>
The sign in the 1st screen also is a clever (evident, non disrupting) way to tell what the controls are<br>
Hide the cursor! It will grab attention and experimentation time at first !<br>

3 3 4

awww it wouldnt pick up the gloves! love the style!

3 3 3

Is there a game here? I don't get it

2 3 3


4 4 3

Very nice adventure game. Looks great, too. I've played it several times to find the other endings..

3 2 2

Nice game. I like hte multiple endings, specially the stumbling into the void ending. =)

3 3 3

I like the whole adventure thing, but the puzzles were pretty random, and it's way too easy to get caught. You just have to dally for one second and bam! What's the fun of an adventure game if it doesn't give you time to think? Multiple endings is a good thing, though.

3 4 3

Love the presentation style, very unique and interesting. Might be great to do a story heavy game with this style

3 2 4

Nice graphics

3 3 3

nice, I like the artwork. I keep getting caught though :(

4 4 4

Highlighting of selected menu items is very difficult to see.

2 3 1

The art style is definitely the high point here. I wish it were a bit more polished and playable.

4 4 5


3 3 3

Some music would be lovely.

4 4 4

Quite addictive to play! The only major issue is walking to the back yard, where if you press up too much you walk back down.

3 4 4

I like the art style!