PyWeek - Starboy vs Spaceship - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
1 1 2

Game is difficult to play and buggy

3 2 2

Hit boxes were huge compared to the sprites.

2 1 1 yes

Pretty challenging, with the zigzag motion. I finally made it to the boss, but I didn't last
very long. I think it could have been a little more forgiving, like letting you have 3 hits, or at
least make it a little more clear where the hitboxes were. Sorry I have to downgrade Production
and vote to disqualify because you used artwork against copyright. And I have to downgrade
Innovation because I didn't see the connection to the theme.

2 3 2

no sound, no instructions, no readme, too short, not sure what to do except left/right
steering, looks unfinished.

2 2 2

I don't see the relation with the theme.

2 2 2

Wasn't very fun. Weird graphics.

2 2 2

Unpredictable enemy behaviours and poor collision detection made this frustrating to play.
I think the enemies could spawn right on top of you which makes for random instant death.
However, the frustration kept me coming back. I played several games trying to get closer to
the 30000 points.

2 3 1

Stuff kept scrolling too fast for me to actually have time to move in most of the attempts I tried
to play this game. This is a shame since the game could be really entertaining.

1 2 1


2 2 2

Hit box was a bit too big in my opinion (I got hit when I’m pretty sure nothing touched me).

1 3 1 yes

Game ends without visible reason.

2 2 1

It's really disorienting and sometimes you die for no clear reason. I haven't checked the
code, but I don't think there's a way to restart without running the application again.

1 2 1


1 1 1 yes

Stolen assets, unrelated to theme, complete broken controls, total failure, should be