PyWeek - Easy - feedback

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4 5 3

Impressive production.
Very professional project altogether; source code deserves merit.

3 5 3

For a game called 'easy' I have to say I found this pretty difficult - I had a few tries at each of the levels and couldn't beat any of them. The art is great and production is good all around although there are a few areas where inconsistent use of fonts, etc., means it doesn't feel quite perfect. Unfortunately the big, unconstrained graphics detracted from the gameplay for me, as it made it hard to tell what I could walk on, what I could safely touch and so on.

3 3 2

3 4 3

Nice production.

4 5 4

Very nice graphics, good game. Enjoyable!

4 5 4

The variation in the range of the weapon made the game more interesting.

4 5 4

Had lots of fun playing the game and I really liked the graphics. Had to comment out the max_with code in (screen.get_modes() returned an empty list on my machine, i.e. Ubuntu, Intel 945M, dual screen).

4 4 4

A fun platformer. I enjoyed it all the way through.

The biggest issue I had was the lack of visual distinction between platforms and scenery. This was especially noticeable with the trees, where I had to guess at both ends of the branches, and the crenellations in the third level where some were platforms and others were foreground scenery.

I particularly liked the way the character's motion imparted momentum to the spells. I used a charge and retreat tactic quite successfully against the level two boss.

4 5 2

Really nicely presented.

5 5 3

Great tutorial system, great level design, great particle effects. All around great job!
What is the queen throwing at you? Hams? Elephant toenails?

3 4 3


3 4 3

Well drawn and nice music. I was often confused about whether I'd been hit...

4 3 3

While it is a classic sidescroller platform game, the neat visuals, smooth scrolling, reasonable difficulty, and nice controllability makes this game one of the best.

2 4 1

I initially ran into trouble compiling lepton on my system.

After a while, I decided to give this another try. I finally compiled the lepton library...and then as I start, the game STOLE my mouse cursor. WHAT WAS THAT??????

Read the instructions. Loaded level 1 with help and IT FROZE! After much clicking and alt-tabbing in vain, the game somehow quit.

Sorry for shouting but it was really really really frustrating.

Came back to this again after a while (I must really be a masochist), mostly because I tried fixing other non-working games before judging. Finally got it to work. The freezing was actually loading. Why is it loading for so long on my brand new computer??

The actual game was pretty decent, but a bit short. The art was good. The camera was a bit too zoomed in.

But this game uses only the keyboard. Why did it steal my mouse which I need to focus on the game window?? And the loading time without warning...

3 4 1


4 4 3

Fun & cute little platform game. Could have done with a few more levels.

5 4 3

Fun, cute and completely non-violent. Lovely game. :)

3 4 3 yes

Crashed on Windows using executable. GLError: 1281 I played in Linux, I thought the game was
well produced. Congratulations

2 3 1

The game world really lacks something, and felt very lifeless. The heroine is very well drawn, but her animation is very lifeless too. Perhaps less generic sound effects could have been used to give more of a personality to the game. Also the design is very basic, and lacking any distinguishing features. Technically well done though.

2 4 1

Nice graphics and stuff but as a platformer goes it was pretty boring.

3 5 3 yes

Nice graphical style in this game, and felt polished.

4 3 3


4 4 4


4 5 3

Good work.

2 3 2

Cute - totally works as a kids game too.

3 4 3

A little too hard for my impatient jumping around :). Like the look and play of level 2. Music fits, solid design. Kind of confusing what part of the oily bubble things I'm not supposed to hit.

5 5 5 yes

Python 2.6, windows vista 64, latest pypi lepton:

From Source:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "Q:\torrent downloads\pyweek-9-all\easy\easy-aga-3.1\", line 138, in run
File "lib\", line 54, in main
director.init(width=1024, height=600, do_not_scale=True)
File "lib\cocos\", line 233, in init
self.window = window.Window( *args, **kwargs )
File "lib\pyglet\window\win32\", line 131, in __init__
super(Win32Window, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
File "lib\pyglet\window\", line 558, in __init__
File "lib\pyglet\window\win32\", line 266, in _create
File "lib\pyglet\window\win32\", line 305, in switch_to
File "lib\pyglet\gl\", line 210, in set_current
super(Win32Context, self).set_current()
File "lib\pyglet\gl\", line 306, in set_current
File "lib\pyglet\gl\", line 91, in set_active_context
self.vendor = cast(glGetString(GL_VENDOR), c_char_p).value
File "lib\pyglet\gl\", line 105, in errcheck
raise GLException(msg)
GLException: invalid operation

And from windows exe:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 138, in run
File "main.pyc", line 54, in main
File "cocos\director.pyc", line 233, in init
File "pyglet\window\win32\__init__.pyc", line 131, in __init__
File "pyglet\window\__init__.pyc", line 558, in __init__
File "pyglet\window\win32\__init__.pyc", line 266, in _create
File "pyglet\window\win32\__init__.pyc", line 305, in switch_to
File "pyglet\gl\win32.pyc", line 210, in set_current
File "pyglet\gl\base.pyc", line 308, in set_current
File "pyglet\gl\base.pyc", line 256, in <lambda>
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'

3 4 3

Nice graphics and nice effects (particles).
It's a short but nice plataformer game.
A final battle with evil-boss monster would have been nice.

4 4 3

Didn't like how I couldn't see where I was falling down to and wasn't sure where the branches
started or ended. However, overall the platformer was quite well made and was fun.

5 5 5

a game scored a goal on being a clean and pleasureful, which can catch the attention to
children, and not only - great game!