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very buggy

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Oh noes, I wanted to go into the next area and fight critters and grow phat offa da loot! Man, there just ain't enough time for one person to make all that. :) Nice run.

The post-pyweek improvements are looking really good. Hope you plan to keep working on it.

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Promising start to a game, but needs some actual gameplay.
The game looks good, but the "characters from RPG maker" note is somewhat concerning.

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Ok, marking it DQ because of RPG maker sprites and the trademarked name. I acknowledge you
could not have heard about it, but you could at least have done a web search on the "monster
hunter" name before calling your game like that. Anyway, it's obvious there is a lot of work
behind this game, but it ends up being near contentless and buggy as hell, hence the marks. The
ideas behind the game were really interesting, but it didn't get in it, and I doubt anyone would
have been able to pull it off, that was far too ambitious for a one-week compo.

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I really liked where this was going.

Unfortunately, I soon discovered that it was more-or-less three discrete unplayable and glitchy modes.

Your tile-streaming system is clever, but utterly dysfunctional in practice. Tile rendering seems desperately in need of some transparency handling.

I liked the monster battle window, not least because it resembles combat in my own game, but then it, too, didn't work.

The introduction looked quite nice. However, it was fairly moot by that point in my review.

Lastly, RPG maker sprites are _definitely_ not open license. I'm not going to mark it DQ, because your 'credits' file clearly showed you tried to consider licensing, but I'm sure other people might.

P.S: Please use the pyweek skellington next time.

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I wandered around in the town and didn't find anything that I could do.

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nice game ;)

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It's a small world.

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Nice start. Would be good to see it expanded and completed in Pyggy.

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I really wish I could give higher ratings, but there just isn't enough of a game yet. And what's there so far doesn't have anything mutation-related.

It looks like the beginnings of a fantastic game. The look is great, the music puts you in the mood, and then you see horrible graphics artefacts, and realise that you can't do anything in the world :(

I hope to see this at pyggy!

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This would have been quite cool if you had had time to finish it off as it is it gets boring quick walking around a small village or randomly generating monsters.

Also the transparency's didn't seem to work for me like in the screen shot as well as the layering of sprites being a bit off sometimes.

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Shame its incomplete. Nice art and music/sounds though.

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A procedurally generated monster collecting game sounds pretty interesting. But you made very little progress. You are just moving a few sprites that you downloaded around the screen in the glitchiest way possible. The text rendering appears to work well though!

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This looks very promising, but was probably too ambitious for a pyweek game. I'd like to see the finished product, though.

I'm a little concerned about the "copyright unknown" in the credits file, especially since the source seems to be a commercial product with a FAQ entry that states: "Also, you may not use the materials included in the software (or add-on package) within other game engines or software."

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the mutating was cool

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could be interesting when there is more to it.

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It's too bad you didn't get to implement any gameplay! I like the monsters, they're funny looking.

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i don't understand what i have to do

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The introduction was well done! Beyond that all I could do was walk around town and interact with the MPC's. Saying yes a bottle of aquafina did nothing.

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I liked the idea of the intro. Seems that that chewed up all the dev time.

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Plan was probably a little bit too ambitious for one person. You should have concentrated on
battle or world first bu nice work so far.

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Nice attempt!

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keep up the good job

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Nice artwork, and the mutations looked nice (even with placeholder graphics) Shame you ran out of time :( I wanted to attack things hehe

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mihi@lenore:~/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter$ python
lib2d.tiledtmxloader loading ...
lib2d.tiledtmxloader loaded: 0.034633s
/home/mihi/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter/lib/ SyntaxWarning: name 'music' is used prior to global declaration
global music
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 47, in <module>
File "", line 39, in start
File "/home/mihi/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter/lib/", line 51, in __init__
font="fonts/northwoodhigh.ttf", font_size=32)
File "/home/mihi/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter/lib2d/", line 79, in __init__
button = self.create_button(b[0], b[1], color=self.s_color)
File "/home/mihi/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter/lib2d/", line 140, in create_button
new_button = OutlineMenuItem(text, callback, color, self.font_size, self.font)
File "/home/mihi/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter/lib2d/", line 33, in __init__
super(OutlineMenuItem, self).__init__(text=t, color=c, size=s, font=f)
File "/home/mihi/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter/lib2d/", line 47, in __init__
File "/home/mihi/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter/lib2d/", line 69, in set_font
File "/home/mihi/Downloads/PyWeek-13-finals/doubleimpact/monsterhunter/lib2d/", line 131, in render
text = inner_font.render(self.text, False, self.border_color)