PyWeek - Doom Tower - feedback

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2 5 1

Stunning art and fitting sounds! The elevator system looks a bit like an unnecessary
complication :). Building rooms is fun, but not rewarding enough to carry this game for more
than a few minutes. There is just not enough gameplay.

2 5 3

Epic production values, but bugs such as the clients never deciding what they want, deciding 4
out of 5 times for something you've not built yet, taking bizarre elevator routes, labs
building at the wrong floor - make the game just not that fun yet. Also I didn't get the
impression that the game was hiding any real content to inspire me to progress further in spite
of the bugs.

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 5, in import view File
"/Users/leif/Downloads/pyweek14/FinnStokes-doomtower-58661d9/src/", line
3, in import render File
line 6, in room_images.append(pygame.image.load('img/Floor_Lobby.png'))

3 4 3

Nice simulation - bit prone to crashing with list index errors, but otherwise quite fun.

3 3 3

I had to figure out how to start playing because just running didn't do the trick. Had to
do "...\FinnStokes-doomtower-58661d9> python.exe .\src\" after a while playing
this happened: File
line 176, in __init__ for room, chance in client_requests[character].items():
IndexError: list index out of range

3 4 2

Sometimes clients will stuck in the meeting room, unable to decide.

3 5 3

Beautiful art, masterful voice acting, and all around solid production. I loved recognizing
a bunch of characters and hearing them make snarky comments. The core gameplay needs a lot of
tweaking though. It's easy to get impatient waiting for that ridiculous elevator, and the
characters don't always get off on the correct floor, which is frustrating and makes it kind of
impossible to win. When the tower gets big enough, dragging doesn't really make sense because
the destination floor is off screen, and when I hold the mouse button, press up to scroll, and
then let go, the game doesn't register the correct floor. The concept is fun - with some
tweaking and user interface modifications this could be an enjoyable game.

4 4 3

I enjoyed the game, but it wasn't letting me build more than two rooms and three Dr. Even once i
had 9688 in gold. Lovely graphics and references though! I could've kept playing if not for
that error.

2 5 4

I don't understand how to play this game. When I direct clients to the lab they take the elevator
down to the lobby? Excellent sound effects and graphics though.

2 5 2

This has the taste of flash game...

3 3 3

too much difficult

3 2 3

I gave you low production since there were no information about how to run the game, I guesses but references to file contained in other directories were wrong (at least on win) and
I had to move them. Then according to me the scientists should do something different
according to the device they get... it would make the game more fun.

2 4 3

Good but i didn't like the gameplay...

2 4 1

I didn't really find the mechanic of dragging scientists where they want to go very fun or
innovative. However, I loved the graphics and the things the little mad scientists said.

3 4 4

The incredible amount that your initial success or failure depends on a series of identical
requests was kind of painful. On top of that, it didn't really seem to have much depth. Good
overall appearance though, and a novel idea.