PyWeek - Diabolic Kittehs - feedback

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3 3 4

Okay, it's a very unfinished game with just to low-res sprites looking at each other sternly.
But I'm a sucker for experimentation-based gameplay! I really enjoyed the fights.

3 2 2

Fun: A bit of a challenge. I was losing horribly, but was able to come back after making a few
discoveries. Innovation: Very basic fighter. Production: Not much in the way of extras.

3 3 3

i liked it

3 4 4

3 3 2


3 4 3

I wish there were more monsters to fight. Basic setup was fine, but I spent that long learning my
abilities/the system just to defeat that one two headed dog. Bonus for having nice

4 3 3

Sadly, numpad did not work. I had trouble remembering which powers were good and which were
bad--is Stumble something that happens to the opponent or to me...?

2 3 2

Decent idea, but the gameplay needed more work

2 2 3

Didn't find this fun, too much randomness.

1 2 1


4 3 4

Nicely done. I'd like to have some kind of display of combinations I've discovered,
preferably grouped by the kind of effects they have, so I can choose attacks more efficiently
than checking all the combinations available to me. I'm not really a big fan of memory games,

2 2 3

Good idea but not a funny game...

3 3 3

it run

4 4 3

The game is very fun, but if you add more ingredients and more character (and levels) the game is
more interesting. The drawings are very good.