PyWeek - team 27 - feedback

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Yeah, i get the concept, the implementation is blahhh.

3 4 4

nice little game, I got stuck on level 8 (which seems impossible to solve, unless your timing is
right which mine was never)

3 4 4 yes

A well rounded game and a very good idea switching between the to the two worlds. Yes, and
indeed, there are little nice detailed effects. One negative point is that I did not
understood why my cube died :-(

3 3 3

Didn't see much of a special effect as described in here. But the game itself if fine to play.
Just wondering: are we supposed to do trials and errors? Or there were hints to the correct
route all the time

4 3 4

This is a fun little game. More gfx would have boosted the score. One little annoyance: the
space was a little tight, so I ran into the wall a few times just because my finger was a tiny bit
too long on the key. A little more margin for error would have been appreciate. But that did not
affect the score. Thanks for pyweeking. :)

3 4 3

Very stylish title screens and particle effects. I quite enjoyed the flipping/two levels
mechanic especially with the harder levels. On the other hand this was pretty punishing when
you die in a world you can't see. Pressing S would generally flip the screen and back again
immediately, which was frustrating.

5 4 5

Very fun.

1 3 1

While the game ran, I couldn't do anything once it started, every move ended in "both killed".

3 4 4

Good concept, and good level design. The movement is slippery, that causes accidental death
too often.

2 3 4

The controls for this game is infuriating. The corridors are so tight and the box move so fast
you have to try to barely tap move to get the box to move without slamming into a wall. The idea is
good and if the controls were less twitchy it'd be good.

4 3 4

Cool idea: started off pretty easy until things became a mirror image and then got difficult
pretty quickly. I got frustrated a few times because I accidentally touched a wall from
pixel-level imprecision: appreciated that you could tweak this sort of thing in the
settings: good thinking! Was level 9 even beatable? I tried level 10, but couldn’t make the
timing to get around the sentry bots: zen-master reflexes required :).

3 3 3

Clever premise

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Game is working. But gameplay is annoying. I can't enjoy it. Too boring to finish all levels.

2 3 3

I kept touching the walls :(

3 2 3

The pixel perfect collisions and super fast movement made it really difficult and not in a
particularly good way. However, to my knowledge it was complete and I didn't experience any
blatant bugs. Good job

1 1 1 yes

Please update your code to python 3.x for the better of all of us.