PyWeek - Pratfall! - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 2 1

Birds isn't very "feather" related. Also not enough for a weeks worth of work, I was expecting more purdy since things looked hand-drawn.

2 4 3

Well produced, inspiring concept.

3 4 3

1 3 1 yes

Theme was "feather" not "bird".

2 5 2

Well, you clearly put a lot of thought and work into this game, and I really like the idea of a
parody, but unfortunately there's not much to it. Although I think the ending is great, I would
not play the game again just for that. Still, the game was very charming, and overall not bad.
And look, I'm not going to vote for DQ, but I really think you use music with permission from now
on. I hope me saying that doesn't keep you from entering in the future. I really don't care about
copyright issues, but if you don't want to follow the rules of PyWeek, maybe you shouldn't
enter. I hope you do, though.

2 4 3

Nice graphics and good idea, but it was not very much fun.

2 4 3

Two kinda-levels with no real challenge... The artwork was fantastic, and really made me look forward to this game, but the gameplay itself was kinda... meh, which is unfortunate, 'cause the premise had potential.

3 4 3

Interesting concept, really cute animals graphics. It frozen randomly on my machine while
playing which detracted a bit from the game play (no tracebacks or error messages of any kind
reported though and the game would usually unfreeze after a few tens of seconds). P.S. Got some
help from Myke on IRC -- the freezing was because I didn't have timidity installed and Pygame
was freezing instead of playing midi sounds.

3 3 4

It wasn't immediately clear that the player isn't controlling George in any way. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to play, after which it was rather entertaining.

There doesn't seem to be very much in the way of wildlife for George to film. It might be more interesting if more bird showed up periodically and some of the animals scared off the things George was trying to film.

1 1 2

Too short. Not much gameplay yet (seems like its just about clicking on things that appear on
the screen quickly).

2 3 3

Very nice graphics, but gameplay is rather short..

2 4 3

I liked the characters, but the gameplay is not so much fun.

1 3 2

I think that this game needed to be put back in the oven! The graphic looked good, but the controls and goals of the game were entirely missing it seemed.

2 4 1

Having no control over the character was odd. Won for no apparent reason.

2 3 2

A little short, and could be a little more challenging.

2 3 4

Amazing art assets. Love the crayon shade... but here are the reasons for low score.
The game was a little un intuitive to control. Was kinda hard to know if i was winning or loosing.

4 4 3

It's a little short but I love that ending screen. Hehe.. *grins*

4 5 4

Very cool idea and aesthetic. Just wish there was more! :)

3 4 3

3 3 3

Love the family at the end.

1 2 1 yes

Nice drawings, uninteresting gameplay, disqualify for unlicensed music.

1 2 4

Interesting idea with the random walk of the cameraman, but it felt so-so. The sounds could be a bit nicer also :)

1 3 1

Pretty graphics but game was not much fun.

3 3 3

good but it needs more levels

2 4 3

Nice artwork, but not a lot of gameplay.

2 2 2

Love the art style. Enemy should not appear under the player and should probably always run
away from the player when scared. (instead of straight through him) Better instructions
would have helped too.

4 3 2

The game is pleasureful to play, and it brings memories from a stage from 'Disney's Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold'. It has good drawings, but the whole visual presentation could be hugelly improved...

2 3 3

The game has nice graphics and music.
The sound effects were so-so.
But the main problem is that the game is too short. Only 2 levels.