PyWeek - daftspaniel4 - feedback

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2 3 2

A little slow moving would be my only criticism, but I like this type of game.

3 2 2

Nice drones

3 4 1

Not very groundbreaking, but kind of fun.

4 4 2

Hey -nicely done!

3 4 3

Decent side-scroller, although nothing really stood out about it. Overall, a solid,
polished entry. I found the default controls somewhat annoying, but that's a minor quibble.

3 4 2

Good production. I like different enemies you created. But I can't find any innovation
neither strong relation with theme.

3 4 3


4 4 3

_why didn't you use the skellington?

what particular innovation did putting everything in get you that

The game itself was solid - though didn't live up to the classics it was emulating, I'd jazz it up
with some more varied sounds and some music. The tiling job you did was a little gaudy too

3 3 3

classic game with no new elements, in my opinion is not enough, sorry.

2 3 2

The game has a retro mood that I liked, but the controls didn't work very well (sometimes I was
pressing down and the ship didn't move; it didn't happen with other keys, just 's'). Besides
I'm right handed and I'm not used to control the game with my left hand! 'j' for shooting was so
inconvenient! :) It's not an innovative game, but with better controls it could have been fun!

2 3 3

Ship movement feels a little sluggish.

4 4 3

fun game and well produced! Some cool music would be a nice addition for the future.

2 3 3

Let me preface this by saying that I'm really bad at these sorts of games... I enjoyed the first
few levels, but found the keyboard controls kind of sketchy. Sometimes my ship would stop
moving for no apparent reason. Sometimes shooting would stall my movement. The lo-fi look
really holds together in with the sounds and graphics. The enemies were creative (I liked the
snake ones the best.)

3 3 3

It's a decent, although short, horizontal shooter.