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4 4 3

Fun little action game with a pretty good progression of difficulty. I did feel like it ramped
up kind of fast right before I died, though. The diagonal moving things were a nice touch.

3 4 3

I really enjoy these minimalistic games that implement very well a simple idea, and this is one
of them. Effects are great, too. It gets a bit too frantic by the end though. Really nice work!

2 2 2

I screamed for help, but nobody heard me.

4 3 3

Quite a lot of fun.

3 3 3

The enemies are impossibly fast after the first time you die.

1 1 1

Game starts but will not accept further input (can’t fire any lasers or do anything) … requires
force quit at end of game (non responsive), osx, python 2.7.3, pygame 1.9.2

3 3 3

I like the simplicity of this game. It keeps it fun and frantic. The variation in things
attacking you was nice and I liked the way the base took damage. One thing that could add to this
is to create some kind of logic to the attack, eg a sequence (turns it into a rhythm game) or some
kind of warning indicator that there are things approaching in a certain direction. This can
deepen the mechanic a bit as right now it is just, how quick can you react. You could also add some
things in that you are not supposed to destroy to create some more tension. Cool idea and a nice

4 4 3

simple, nice game. A bit short though. And the things got lightining fast after the first game
over (probably a timing problem).

5 3 3

Very fun little arcade game. Simple mechanics, but well executed.

3 3 2

Simple but effective. All works fine with no bugs, which must be underlined. The gameplay is
however a little bit redundant, though fun at the beginning.

3 4 3

Nice work.

3 2 3

Looks like it has potential for some fun, long game play. Unfortunately it got very hard too
fast. The speed up quickly reached a point where I could not keep up even when madly mashing

3 4 4

I like the take on the theme. The only thing it could have used was maybe 8-way firing, but
otherwise a great job!

3 3 4

the code is quite neat, I like the style, well, the game seemed still rough.

3 3 3

Would the weapons engineer that decided the Death Star should only have lasers firing at 90
degree angles please report to Lord Vader's office immediately.