PyWeek - Return Of The Daft Spaniels - feedback

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no sound

3 3 2

Haha, unique art style! It could actually look good with some more effort. I always liked the
grid based first person games (I'll have to try Legend of Grimrock). The game is a bit too basic.
Some balancing could help... Maybe put neighboring tiles on the map as well! If I were making
the map by hand, I would definitely include the meanies. In the end however I just ended up
running straight through everything while keeping an eye out for components.

2 2 2

the trees were floating above the ground.

3 2 2

Finding components was a little random and required luck, but otherwise OK.

3 2 1

Trees in the sky!

2 3 2

I liked the map, full of those colored squares!

2 2 3

The trees are floating in the air.

2 3 2

Ran around and killed lots of the red monsters but didn't find anything to pick up. Map view was

3 3 2

This reminds me of the BASIC era.

3 3 3

Some hint as to where the components might be found would be nice, as would peripheral vision
and the ability to see components without standing right on them. I had to resort to editing the
code to print the generated component locations so that I wouldn't have to tediously visit
every location on the map while avoiding (or murdering) meanies.

1 2 2

I think the visuals let the game down. The 3d view/controls didn't suit the graphics. If I can
only turn 90 degrees at a time I need more visual cues to work out where to go. I was confused how to
even control the game until I read the readme. Even then, I didn't really know what I was doing - I
shot a few enemies and then died all of a sudden. For this to be fun, the game needs to give more
feedback and have clearer goals.

3 3 3

nice game.

4 3 3

Fun times searching for those 5 items. Kind of reminded me a bit of Minesweeper.