PyWeek - Cylon Raiders - feedback

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2 3 2

run out of the box, no sound, scrolling too slow. Could have been fun.

2 3 3

map was way too big, i found the enemy hive once and then couldn't find it anymore.

2 4 1

Too simple and slow to be much fun. No signs of originality. Maybe with more time this would have been pretty good.

3 3 3

Yay, I won. :) Nice work. It was rather simple and straightforward, but I know making a RTS in a short amount of time is hard, and the game was enjoyable. The graphics are well done, too.

3 3 3

please package the contents of your archive in a subdir :-)

3 3 2

Don't really get it

3 3 3

a more zoomed out view would be better

1 2 1

It was difficult telling apart who was who! All soldier ants look similar!

2 3 2

Nice graphics, good start on the RTS features. needs more work though.

2 2 3

It would be better if my solder ants would attack without my help .. just standing there bites. Could be a cool game.

2 2 1

And a penalty for not packaging your game right.

2 3 4

Impressive to get a RTS done in a week. Of course, as a consequence it wasn't much fun - AI was a joke and was just too sluggish etc. Probably a case of biting off more than you can chew, but at least you had the courage to do so!

5 4 4

Awesome Game! Greatest I've seen so far, amazing for having been made in a week. It froze up a
little too often when I had lots of ants, but I was playing on a laptop and a beefier computer may
have handled it better. Overall a great job.

3 3 4

I like the scenario. It may become a great game with some fine-tuning.. and more units and stuff?

2 1 2

Looked like it could be fun and interesting, but isn't yet...

2 2 2

This had potential to be quite fun, but it's just too heavily unfinished.

Give some better scrolling functionalities, smaller maps and control over multiple units simultaneously and this can get fun.

Also, have the player soldiers a bit more active.

2 3 2

Controls were annoying.

3 1 2

You tar bombed me man (wtf)... + it was hard to quit the game.

3 3 4

good games but it gets very difficult because enemy ants are identical to player's ants and it
needs some sound.

2 3 4

4 5 3

Pretty fun for being so simple. And the graphics are top-notch. It scrolls way too slow, though.

2 3 2

its ok

2 3 2

Promising, but needs a lot more work.

2 2 1

Please put the game inside a directory in the ZIP next time!

3 3 3 yes

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 4, in <module>
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/cripto/cyclons/gamelib/", line 14, in main
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/cripto/cyclons/gamelib/", line 193, in run,(0,0))
File "/home/macarse/Desktop/cripto/cyclons/gamelib/", line 318, in drawStaticImage
self.screen.blit(image, location, rect)
TypeError: Invalid rectstyle argument

3 3 4

I'm missing sounds. Also, the controls/playability might require some improvements.