PyWeek - Super Effective 11 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 5 4

Very strong entry. I'll probably play it a couple more times even.

4 4 4

My favourite game. I really liked the gameplay and how you use your trident to defeat some enemies.

The final boss was hard, challenging and fun to beat.

5 3 5

I can't say anything other than that this is a well put together game. I kept wanting their to be sound effects when the trident extended or snagged something, or things fell down holes, but can't win them all. The music cut out after a couple levels for some reason. graphics were well done and had a consistent style.

4 3 2

Very polished. Worked perfectly for me. Enjoyed playing game! Many thanks!

4 4 3

Pretty darn fun! Caught the adventure RPG feel nicely. Good use of theme.

5 5 4

Wow, excellent work. You guys can't disappoint me even with a smaller team. :) Very fun. Loved
the living barrels, that was unexpected. :) The variety of things drove me to play until the
end. There's always something new to do and the levels are very well designed. The final boss
was nicely designed, too. I like the trident mechanic, also. Graphics are great. Overall,

3 4 3

Quite cool game, I got very frustrated when the red bombs started coming and was close to giving up, but I stuck to it and finished it, very nice.
I feel like two changes in the controls would have made the game a lot less frustrating, being able to walk diagonally and being able to cancel a trident "cast". Also, music didn't work for me.

3 4 2

Good looking game, some action sounds would be nice and slightly less annoying music.

5 5 5

Fantastic! There are some truly ingenious puzzles and game mechanics here. Thoroughly
enjoyed it, even when fighting off swarms of nasty spidery things, invincible walking bombs,
and surprisingly pugnacious old men. :-)

3 4 4

Interesting gameplay mechanic but I don't think you really explored it very far.

4 5 5

Very cute graphics. Cool sound. Innovative fun game play. One very minor annoyance was that the controls occasionally annoyed me a bit (e.g. the trident would sometimes miss something I expected it to hit). My favourite game this Pyweek!

5 5 5

Fantastic. I really like that the controls for the trident are really simple -- holding/releasing a key -- but you can do such a large variety of things with it.

The first time I played, I thought the trident was just for stabbing, and obviously didn't get very far. Only on the second try did I realise you could throw things at other things. ;)

This is a really nice game; I would love to see it packaged for various OSes so I can recommend it to friends who are too wussy to install it from source.

4 5 4

This is a really nice game. Congratulations.

5 5 4

A tremendously enjoyable game.

5 5 5

Best so far.

1 3 2

got boring once I had the timing figured out

5 5 4

Fantastic game. Kept me up way past my bedtime, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

2 4 4

quite frustrating in some levels.

4 4 4

Great game and a really close tie to the theme! You've added more and more gameplay elements in an expert way, each making the game richer, and you've built really enjoyable puzzles on them.

5 5 4

Excellent. I'd love to have some sound effects, but the humour and level design make up for

5 4 4

Really fun game. Hard but winnable.

3 4 3

Hooray, another supereffective triumph.

5 5 5

Great job! You're definitely at the top of your game with this entry!

I like the excellent use of the theme, the simple control scheme, the humor, and the challenge level. There's a great variety with such a simple mechanic, and you explored it from a bunch of different angles. It was also intuitive and fun to figure out without a lot of reading. The auto-save and unlimited lives were nice. There was a good mix of brain vs. fingers as far as the challenges went.

This and Digby Marshmallow are my two favorite Super Effective games now. I'll have to replay them to decide between them, though. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

4 4 4

A very good game. I was a little disappointed that it ended with a challenge of physical skill rather than one of mental skill, but that's about the only criticism I have of it.

3 3 3

This game is way longer than it should be. Many levels are fun, but at some point you're just wondering where is the end of the game. I like how the game suggests that I break the OCD habit of exploring every corner and destroying every little thing that shows up in my way.

3 4 4

It started out quite enjoyable but became tedious about half way through.

There were some performance issue where the game would slow and become generally unresponsive... usually just walking and there weren't a bunch of enemies on the screen or anything.