PyWeek - Cine-Science Logic 2 - feedback

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3 5 5

Unique concept and execution, and I loved the art. I also liked the mechanic of always moving forward through your "life" and only being able to grab things as you ran past. It was a little tough to tell how grabbing some of the items affected the gameplay; I felt like I could stop clicking on anything and the game would just keep going. Then again maybe that was the point :-)

2 3 4

what has it to do with 'Get off my lawn'?? Having to copy files to system32 is a bad thing! It works
also if you copy the dll files into the same directory as python.exe.

3 5 5

I have some mixed feelings for this game. :) Ok, let me get the clearer things off my chest first. Graphics and animation: awesome, very awesome (ZeroByte, you rock). Soundtrack: excellent choice, works great with the game, the environment sounds also add a lot to the game. Innovation: very innovative, awesome idea.<br>
The problem I have with this game is that it's a bit "hard to get". Ok, I understand what I have to do: I have to balance (or choose between) work, health, love and happiness, and it appears that the ending is something based on what I did along the way. Unfortunately, with exception of the head down thing, I can't feel the feedback of what I am doing. I don't see the effects clearly.<br>
I may be saying things that might already be on the game, but I wish there was more of a "choice that prevents other choices" aspect (or at least they were clearer). For example: decide to skip work, you don't have money to buy beers or even the engagement ring, or even, get fired. Work too much, and you get home and find your wife and child sleeping, or you don't have time to even find a wife. Get too unhealthy, die early. That would have been great (maybe that was intended, I don't know - I just didn't manage to get those; I saw in the data directory an image of the wife sleeping I didn't see in-game, so that might have been intended).<br>
I played the game only twice (it's a long game, and I have other games to judge) and unfortunately I got the same "good" ending (D, after the ending images are fixed). :( The first try was a somewhat balanced life. The second try, I went for all fun and love and no work. I was hoping to get an ending where I died (because my health went down all the time - though I did recover health at the bathroom every time, maybe that was my mistake). I wish the game was a bit shorter too, so I could try other endings more easily.<br>
Well, this has to be my biggest Pyweek game comment. :P I really wanted to see the other endings (maybe you should give instructions of how to get them or put up a video of just the endings). Seriously, excellent work. This was a very interesting entry. The only reason my fun rating isn't so high is because I couldn't feel the effects of my actions and thus I felt there was little gameplay, but it's possible I didn't try enough. Then again, the game is unfortunately too long for me to keep trying; maybe if it were shorter I would have insisted more.

4 5 4

it took me a while to get it working, but it was worth it. not sure why everyone says this game is depressing. doesn't seem like the choices you make have that huge of an impact (i always wound up sitting on the park bench) but you could take the game concept in some interesting directions.

1 1 1 yes

Game did not work

5 5 5

<p>I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it! Wow! I'll have to play again when I'm feeling too positive about life in general. The graphics are outstanding, just spectacular. The sound is minimal but it works. The interface, what could be simpler? Thanks for making it!

2 4 4

Too litle control to keep the interest ?

1 1 1 yes

Sorry. I know this game should work - otherwise you couldn't get those awards. However, I've
tried so many things on WinXP and it still doesn't run. [Ok, now it runs but the background is all
white.] I probably miss a wonderful and very innovative game, but I just don't want to try

1 4 4

Truly original concept, although way too slow gameplay for being fun :(

3 4 5

After playing this for a while, everything looked like it was moving to the right! Weird!

Couldn't find any ending other than "Ending A". The only difference is whether you have a
family at the end or not?

The fun/work/etc scores don't seem to affect anything. The last two acts are both "Act III".

BTW, it didn't work for me on MacOSX - the backgrounds were all white. (MacOSX 10.4, PPC G4, ATI
Radeon 9000 Pro.)

2 4 3

Intrigued me for a little while, but playing the game was slow, repetitive and without much feedback about what was going on (were you expecting players to look at the console window?). Also seems there's a bug whereby only 'Ending A' is ever displayed, although I didn't play through sufficiently many times to be sure.

1 1 1 yes

It doesn't work on 64 bit Linux, due to you packaging the 32 bit Linux stuff. (And I gave up on
getting pymunk working on 64 bit Linux a long time ago - the chipmunk library just won't
compile.) Under Windows I found that you had missed numpy off your dependency list, and that
pymunk simply doesn't work. I also tried installing pymunk direct, but again no success - that
library just won't work for me. Shame really, this looked like an interesting entry, but I've
already spent far more time trying to get it to work than I normally do.

3 3 3 yes

I couldn't get the game to run. I am on Vista, perhaps this requires Python 2.6? Also, it needs
the msvcr90.dll installed (which I didn't have) and I copied everything from the winlibs
directory to system32, as well I used the run_game files from your post-upload zip.

3 3 3 yes

On Ubuntu Hardy Heron with pygame 1.7 backdrops don't display at all. I'm just left with a character walking past white backdrops, disappearing occasionally, with the sound playing in the background. Nothing untoward displaying in the command line logging. A real shame. Will try again on a later distro if I get chance

2 5 4

it really looks good. but it sooo borign to wait for all the passes to try the different endings.

2 4 3 yes

Didn't really feel like I was "playing" it.

3 5 4

Loved it.

3 4 4

interesting take on the theme, I like it

2 5 2

Not much fun, but admittedly poetic and beautifully presented! Not much lawn though. I think Suburbia ( gives a much better look at the evolution of the "get off my lawn!" personality.

3 5 4

Glad I finally got this working =) Great game!

2 4 4

I'm a bit disturbed that it is way too long for the amount of novelty that happens in the man's life. Also, the responsiveness of the game to mouse clicks is either not good or the objects just pass through me way too fast.

This game has a very nice concept, however. I hope I can do something this nice on next Pyweek. =)

2 4 5

Wow, that was exceptional in storyline and graphics but I prefer a little less repetition and a little more interaction, hence the low "fun" scores.

3 5 4 yes

great game, but not themed appropriately.

5 5 5

Pyweek winner, imo. Innovation alone. Made me think about my own life. Good job.

2 5 3

Wow, some really odd entries this pyweek. I don't see how the theme was incorporated, but the art and all was great.

3 5 5

Very unique and interesting to play :)

2 4 4

Was far too slow and repetitive. I liked the idea, but it seems like the reward comes at the end of the game, and I didn't feel like trudging through the whole game to get to the end. Definitely game as art, which is cool though.

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last):<br>
File "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\SYSTEM CORE\Desktop\pyweek8\The_unfortunate_undoing-1.0.1\The_unfortunate_undoing-1.0.1\", line 46, in <module><br>
File "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\SYSTEM CORE\Desktop\pyweek8\The_unfortunate_undoing-1.0.1\The_unfortunate_undoing-1.0.1\", line 35, in _run_game<br>
import gamelib.main as main<br>
File "gamelib\", line 9, in <module><br>
from gamelib import data, render, world, input, timeline, audio, scenegraph<br>
File "gamelib\", line 23, in <module><br>
from SDL import *<br>
File "SDL\", line 30, in <module><br>
import SDL.dll<br>
File "SDL\", line 224, in <module><br>
_dll = SDL_DLL('SDL', 'SDL_Linked_Version')<br>
File "SDL\", line 59, in __init__<br>
ImportError: Dynamic library "SDL" was not found<br>

2 3 4

What has to do with the topic?

2 3 4

Nice game, although ending stuff is clearly unfinished. Did he say it, or didn't he? And every ending being the 'A' ending is confusing.

4 4 5

A very nice game, and it makes some very nice points. Not sure if the latter was the intention, but I think it may have been. GOOD JOB! ^o^