PyWeek - PyWeek April 2018 - feedback

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1 1 2

couldn't quite figure out the workings of this game. Seemed kind of half finished in many ways.

2 3 3

no sound, I got the castle saved and but the message said 'game over'?

1 1 1 yes

I tried to get python 3.6 installed on a couple of different machines so I could play this, but I
ran out of time. I wish 3.6 was better supported since it is the current version.

3 3 3

Fun to play overall. Gave me a nostalgic feeling :).

1 3 1

Can't kill a dragon.

2 2 2

The procedural level generation is nice, and the character animation is nice and snappy, but
there's not very much in the levels to interact with.

3 3 2

Hey... a sort of pac-man with stairs, dragons and the un-dead. Getting through the tight
tunnels was a bit fiddley, but it was an intriguing game to play! :-)

3 3 2

Short game, movement could have been a bit less sticky with the walls.

4 3 3

Wooohhooo, I saved the castle :-) It took several tries until I managed it. The procedural
generated levels for three different worlds impressed me a lot. The mission was easy to
understand and controls were intuitive. I missed some music and sound, it would have been
great during the "bossfight".

2 3 2

That maze map was frustrating for the white faces blocking my path.

3 3 2

Fairly short, but had fun while it lasted. Cool examples of procedurally-generated levels.
Not sure about the use of the theme.

2 3 3

The white circle people were aggressive boys

3 2 2

Intresting enough, although production seems off.