PyWeek - Cornflower Blue - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 4 4

Very interesting concept. However, gameplay needs more balance. Some goals are quite difficult. Good UI, graphics and levels.

3 2 4

Nice game to play. Graphics are too simple and small.

2 3 4

Odd game concept.

4 3 4

Die smileys!!!

1 3 3

Even after reading the help, the game mechanics are clear but not the goals. What is "smileys gone"? (apparently killing them was not enough, or did not increase the counter). Playing with no clear goal was quite frustrating

4 3 4

Mm.. chaos.. Fun and innovative gameplay. Nice music and graphics. I would have liked to see
more balanced levels, the goals are very hard some times, and easy others. An explanation of
the goals would have been useful too.

2 2 3

Interesting game, but I was highly confused on a lot of aspects. The smileys were sure fun to kill, but seems the execution of the game was just a little off. Felt more like kill smiley than play a game with smiley.

2 2 2

it was hard to understand what the player was supposed to do, and what was the aim of the game.

3 3 4

Fun stuff! It's like reverse lemmings.

4 2 5

Neat idea. Nice and violent. If I had my way I'd execute every slimey smiley bastard on this planet, one by one with a rusty spoon as my preferred method of gouging out their eyes. This lack of help files is a real shame.

1 2 1


4 4 5

Once you get the hang of it, it gets really enjoyable. The music is great.

2 1 1 yes

no theme.

2 2 3

Keys werent very intuitive.

2 2 3

What can I say? Gratuitous violence as an art form... unexpectedly addictive... shouldn't be playing this for so long, really shouldn't... maybe just one more level...

2 3 4

Looks like a really neat complex system. Sadly it's just unplayable. On my roomates machine he gets no sound but thinggies to drop. On my machine I get sound but no thingies to drop.

3 3 2

the goal of the game was not easy to understand

2 3 5

Very interesting concept! It could be a lot of fun. I feel that you just don't have enough control over your environment. It's furstrating when you put a spring down, and it makes the smileys hardly move. MOney doesn't seem to work to do anything. Poop is OK, but doesn't seem very actionable.

2 3 4

I was a while figuring out how to play the game, after that it's just a matter of pushing smileys onto the road afaict, I couldn't really do anything with the Money or Water (is it water?) signs. The idea is cool I think, it's worth finishing this game to see what it ends up like.

4 5 4

A cool game, one of my favourites. Altough it may look like a simple game, it has a little bit of everything, making it a funny game. It really looks like a full game, not just like a project of a game, and that is definitely a good sign.

2 3 4 yes

I really had no idea what I was doing for a while. Eventually I twigged. The graphics were a
little small to really play well. Also, I had very little luck killing smileys. Didn't seem to
be any use of theme either. The concept was definitely new though, could be a good game.

4 3 4

Pretty good.

2 2 4

I wish I could figure out this game, because I think there's something interesting here. The
idea of killing off smileys makes me happy, but the goals are obtuse, and the ways of killing
them not at all obvious (other than bouncing them into traffic). Why can't I place money in the
road? Or poop? There seem to be arbitrary decisions that aren't clearly communicated. That
said, there are some neat ideas here that I'd love to see developed.

3 3 4

This is a neat game and the idea is kinda novel. I wouldn't call this "disappearing" per se
though, but I guess I'll let it slide.

2 3 3

While the help screens explained the GUI and what the in-game graphics are, it didn't really explain what the point of the game was. I finally caught on after my 3rd try at the game.

2 2 4

a complicated idea

3 3 4

You have created a very neat world, but the game is hard to play. You have too little control over the people.

3 2 4

a bit hard on the learnign curve.

2 2 2 yes

I don't understand how this relates to the theme, the disappearing act. I guess there are some
elements that disappear in the game, but it's more like dying than disappearing. The concept
in itself is sort of fun, but the limited use of theme made me check the disqualify box. The
production isn't that polished either - the game is kind of hard to use, and the easiest way to
kill the smilies is probably just spamming the arrows on the screen. The music just rocks
though. :)

2 4 5

- The possible actions are too limited. - Nice movement of cars.

3 3 4

This game is chaotic :)
Reminds me of a game I had for the Amiga (which was probably based on some other classic game) where you had to toggle traffic lights to avoid traffic jams. That was lots of fun, but this is also enjoyable even if I gave up trying to figure out some strategy and just clicked like a maniac to get the little buggers run over by various things ;)

I never figured out what "Sent to the heavens" meant, couldn't get a single one. I could skip those levels though, so that was ok.
I suppose it's irrelevant for judging (nullsleep wasn't on the team, right?) but the music was rather fitting :)