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4 5 5

Was awesome

1 1 1 yes

I'm sorry, this is unplayably slow on my system. It takes the mouse cursor like 15 seconds to
inch over to where it needs to be, and of course I'm likely to have overshot the card. It's
impossible to click on anything reliably. I hope the game turned out great, and I'll play it
some time in the future when I upgrade!

3 4 4

awesome concept! the stuff on streen seemed to be jumbled but perhaps that was just my setup

3 3 4

Interesting take on the dungeon crawl game, although it was had too much of
"micro-management" feel for my taste.

The multiple paths through the game are a nice touch.

5 5 5

Amazing! How did you do it in a week? Oh, I got it... you didn't zip files in a folder!

3 5 4

Maybe not so funny but I like this kind of games

4 3 3

works only with python 2.7, should be mentioned in the readme!

3 2 3

Graphics bug kills the fun

4 3 4

So much effort went into this interface. I was surprised though to see you'd used another
library to do it. Took some of the sheen away, it would be really great if you could document it.
Having said that, I felt confused while playing the game. there was a ticking status log on the
left, but it updated too quickly for me to read it, and the hero's movements seemed random until
I could face him. I ended up mindlessly clicking on the monster tiles and then taunting when I
faced the hero.

4 4 4

I played this twice, and I had a lot of fun :) I had two problems: too much text to read during boss
fight :) and that I couldn't pause the game to check the monster cards (is there a pause?), and
third is that it was a little bit too easy to beat the main boss. great job!

3 5 4

This is fantastic. If nothing else I'd rate it up for the humour. The visual style is well done
too though and I love the monster-sending mechanic. If I had any criticism it would be the mass
of stats and equipment that really don't seem to matter much. However I could accept it as being
just part of the old-style RPG aesthetic.

3 4 4

This entry was really cool! After game over (win or lose) it seemed like there wasn't a way to
play again? That might have been cool. Also, the ending seemed a bit weird, presuming it was in
fact an ending, seeing as you were supposed to be training him up to beat this guy so you could
have him to yourself, but that never happened. Pretty cool nonetheless.

4 4 4

"Browse My Catalog of DEATH!" Excellent writing. Played through a few times just to get a feel
for it. The graphics (ASCII) and sound (8-bit) work well together. Short of overwhelming the
hero at the beginning, it is hard to loose. The static, non-ending win/loose screens could
redirect to the main menu after a while. I like the manic dungeon romp, but think it could be
slowed down a bit to make it easier to see how the hero is doing.

3 5 4

Looks great, but the gameplay was just okay.

4 4 4

Awesome. Love the art and nice take on the theme!

1 1 1 yes

It didn't work in my system. Some problem with the graphics and the mouse.

2 2 4

Interesting twist on the RPG genre, but not a lot to do. Seems a bit buggy -- the lines of graphics
all come out double-spaced for me.

3 4 4

Upon loading this for the first time I immediately felt like I was sucked back in time and felt
nostalgia on impact! I absolutely loved the fact that not only did your team use ASCII graphics
for production but pulled it off extremely well to boot with great effects. The story and
mechanic was very well thought out and I certainly enjoyed raising my minion *cough* hero to
greatness. The most disappointing issue for me was the abruptness at which the game ended. I do
understand that a week is a very short time for an undertaking such as this however, and I would
love to see more done with this. Well done!