PyWeek - Cody - feedback

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3 4 3

Nice music, game was easy.

3 2 3

It made me smile, unfortunately it only lasted for 2 minutes. But it made me smile :)

3 2 2

Very BBC micro! Many thanks!

2 2 2

The concept is ok, but the game is a bit too simple. There's little challenge and, therefore, it's not much fun. What this game needs are better levels. This game can become good with levels that are challenging and use more of the concepts you implemented.

4 2 2

I enjoyed the game while it lasted. It's very short and quitting on death is a bit annoying but I've done that before so I can't really complain. It would be nice if holding the direction keys down kept you moving too.

3 2 3

Jumping blob really cute. Needed a little more substance. Could be a lot of fun if improved a bit.

2 2 3

This does not seem to be a complete game.

1 2 1

Introduction is so slow... and game is not very fun. Is final boss beatable somehow?

2 2 3

Not sure whether getting caught by the big red blob means that I won or lost.

2 2 2

Had a couple of interesting ideas (such as the colour changing trick), but not enough was done with them.

2 1 2

Maybe with more work, it could have become an interesting game. At least you got something
together, and that's not always easy. :)

2 2 3

Not a bad effort, considering the author's age. It's probably worth doing more than "sys.exit()" on death, though -- the first couple of times I died I thought the game had crashed.

2 1 1

There's something funny about the simple art and the abstract cutscenes. It could have made an interesting game with more sensible levels.

2 2 3


2 1 3

BTW, your readme says "You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License with this program", but the zip doesn't contain it.

Game dies when you die, which is especially annoying as there's no way to skip the intro.

The pace is very slow. Winning has the same effect as losing: the game exits. A nice big "Freedom" or "Victory" sign would help.

The graphics are all circles and lines: adding some more details and backgrounds would help. Some sound effects on bouncing would help.

Nevertheless, a good first effort! Polish up your programming and try again next time

2 2 2

Good first python entry. Keep up the Pythoning!

2 2 2

A little short. And losing closes the game so you have to go through the intro again and it's unskippable.

1 2 1

I don't know what to tell you, except that this game wasn't very interesting. there just wasn't much there.

3 1 3

It's a game, that works, and has sound. It looks like it has some potential. But it finishes very
quickly (and you're in for a nasty surprise if you die).

2 2 3

wtf i won? what happened?

3 2 3

Cute intro and ending. Game is very short, but overall this is a nice entry. Keep going. :)