PyWeek - codogupywk24 - feedback

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4 3 2

A fun game. I like the level progression and the wacky story. I think the controls need to be
tightened a bit though. Movement feels too slow and the shooting has too much randomness in it.
The grenage feels good. Nice job.

3 2 2

The humour made the game more fun. Bullets didn't seem to do anything to ants? Overall, a bit

2 3 2

4-way shooter game. Shoot bugs and defend your potato chips (or "crisps" if you're not in
America). The machine gun seemed useless, only the grenades actually killed bugs. But the
grenades also smash your chips, and has a long cooldown. I mostly stood around waiting for
grenades and then the bugs would win. Maybe I misunderstand how to play the game properly? But
the way I played it, sadly it was kinda boring.

2 2 2

Seems like the bullets are not always hitting the ants.

4 4 4

Nice pacing and learning curve. I especially like that first level to get used to the controls.
Pretty hard but rewarding. I feel like the gun is a little underpowered: I wound up pretty much
just using grenades. Overall fun with a wacky story too.

3 3 3

Nice game. It is sometimes a bit difficult to know where we aim and where we should aim.

4 4 3

Most game and movie sequels are rubbish, but cANT2, in my opinion, surpasses the original
classic in both story and gameplay. I liked how we got to see our protagonist this time. Chips
were saved, fun was had.

5 5 4

Took me a couple of tries!

4 4 2

I protected my chips till the end. I didn't expect much when I was shooting at the hedge, but the
game got better later. There was a bug. When I bombed the location where chips had been placed, I
was blamed for losing too many chips.

4 3 4

I like the dead ant sprites, remind me some of the Diablo dead mob sprites ;) A little bit more
mobility would be appreciated.

3 3 3

about average...

3 4 3

The game has some nice 2.5D raphics and a fun concept. Music is nice addition and the
inter-scene fading effects are excellent. My only real complaints would be the shortness of
the game and the balance: the gun is so weak! In the first level, you might as well use it but in all
the later ones, moving and grenading is the only strategy that seems to be at all effective. I
think maybe the bullets should do something like 15-20 damage instead of 5.