PyWeek - Gnaval ConunDrumm - feedback

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4 4 4

This was fun! I would have liked a bit of a faster ship, and I had a bit of trouble with the contrast
with the background, but otherwise I liked it. In particular, I liked how you had to use the
bullets to find your way through the third level.

I was surprised when I realized that the debris were powerups. I was trying to avoid them at
first, but once I picked one up by accident, the game became a lot easier! Maybe make them more
friendly and less pointy. :)

I liked that there was a plot, but the game left me wondering what was with the choice aspect. To
be fair, I stopped at the boss level, so I didn't get to see the ending. It was a bit too
challenging, and I was having trouble finding my way through the level. The existence of both
visible and invisible walls confused me.

Graphics were decent, music and sounds were good. Overall, I had fun!

4 4 3

Looked good and was pretty fun. I got stuck on the boss level and couldn't figure out where to go.

3 3 4

I really enjoyed flooding corridors with hails of bullets in order to feel my way. On the other
hand, losing shield/guns for a stray into invisible obstacles was unfair. Fighting actual
enemies was more randomness that skill.

1 1 1 yes

cant not extract format file from my windows

3 3 3

Cool game, I liked the little in-game “story” texts, nice graphics, cool use of music. Were the
lasers supposed to fire out in all directions sort of randomly? By the time I got to mission 3,
there were invisible walls and other strange buggy behaviours, although perhaps this was
supposed to happen? I wasn’t sure.

1 1 1 yes

Gave up. I couldn't boot the game.

4 4 3

Well done. My favorite part is where you had to use your bullets to tell where the walls were and
where you could go. On the other hand, the ricocheting enemy bullets could be pretty
unforgiving, since your ship is not all that maneuverable. It was especially hard on the final
level. I got to where I could see the boss three times before dying, but I didn't feel like I was
getting any closer to beating it.

3 4 3

Nice small game, but I'm not a fan of the invisible walls, making the bouncing of bullets
difficult to predict (especially when it pass through the wall) and getting annoying when you
have to find the path

4 4 5

This was pretty fun! The sonar via bullets thing was interesting. I think you made it too easy! I
could pretty much just spam bullets constantly when I needed to figure out where to go.

1 1 1 yes

F10 key used for starting game, does not work.