PyWeek - citySquare - feedback

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1 2 2

Couldn't even solve a single puzzle :/ Everything I do seems to give me a more negative score.

3 3 3

Nothing particularly wrong with the game, but it didn't really grab me.

1 3 2

could not figure out how to score or how the piece should fit

2 2 3

A background song would have been nice. Overall the game was pretty boring.

3 2 3

I like the concept, but you often get dealt a set of tiles that don't actually have a complete solution, which is frustrating.

3 3 4

the production was a little off but the gameplay is really good.

3 2 3

I managed to get a higher score than the maximum at the bottom in one of the zen modes. The difference in difficulty between 3x3 and 5x5 is large. Maybe having a 4x4 in there would be a nice bridging level.

4 4 3

Any crazy tried (and achieve winning) the 9x9??!! I clicked out of curiosity but as soon as I saw the amount of pieces I closed it and went to the sofa (uff, too much stress only thinking about trying it...) :-)

3 3 3

Quite nice, actually.. it works fine.

3 2 3

Hi. I found this difficult. Even on the 3x3 grid I was unable to complete the maps. Maybe I'm just that dumb. =)

Zen mode is a nice feature. Timed sessions drive me nuts. I was glad for this option.

The basic game mechanics are solid.

There were so many ways that come to mind that could have boosted the Production score.

Overall, I think this game has quite a bit of fun potential if you build it out, polish the look, and add some sound effects and maybe some mood tracks. Good job with it in the short week that we had. I hope you plan to continue it. :)

2 2 3 yes

Unplayable for me, because I don't have a right mouse button or scroll wheel and there doesn't seem to be a modifier key equivalent.

2 3 3

it was a bit confusing.

2 3 3

too much difficult

3 2 4

Certainly interesting concept. Has a lot of potential as an Android/iPhone app if polished

4 4 4

It's a good game and good work done during pyweek. Without the template to refer too, it becomes too difficult to play.

3 3 3

Unfortunately I don't really like Carcassone. Having said that, this is a reasonably
well-executed puzzle game. I thought it was innovative, but I'm only giving 3/5 on innovation
because the connection to the theme is pretty weak. I thought it got way too hard even at 5x5.
Consider putting all the tiles in the correct position and just having the player rotate them
to the right direction. Then it would be similar to the Network puzzle like they have on
BrainBasher, which I rather enjoy.

3 3 3

Fun puzzle game.

1 2 1

meh puzzle

1 1 1

1 3 4

It sounds like a nice idea, but in reality it isn't so well executed. For instance, a lot of it feels like guesswork, and the graphics don't meet up (I'm sure you know about that though)

Still, on the brightside, this is your first pyweek, and lots of people (myself included) have had horrific first pyweeks. You now have experience with programming in a rushed environment, and next time will create something better, if not incredible.

I hope to see you next time :)

3 3 3

I like the concept. It needs to have something motivating me to keep playing though. After I understand the concept, and prove to myself that I can beat easy mode, I have no motivation to continue playing. If there were unlockable challenges or something like that, you might increase the replay value.