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My favorite non-game

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The controlling multiple objects could have been interesting. Pity about the incomplete state.

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I really like the mechanics and the graphics. It is hard to predict how this would have turned out, but it obviously has promise. I hope you plan to complete it!

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its not clear what to do
its unfinished

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I tried to run the windows binary and got the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 4, in <module>
File "pyweek12\main.pyc", line 85, in main
File "pyweek12\main.pyc", line 57, in __init__
File "pyweek12\audio.pyc", line 11, in play
File "pyglet\media\__init__.pyc", line 1386, in load
File "pyglet\media\riff.pyc", line 202, in __init__ AVbin is required to decode compressed media

Then I tried to run it from source, but could not find the proper dependencies. It would have been nice if you included them.

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Awesome voice acting! .. I guess if the game was more finished you'd get a lot complaints about the camera rotation.. @.@

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Great visuals, and good mechanics too! Too bad you couldn't finish, though :P

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Looks like a good start. I'd like to see the finished product at some point.

3 3 3

good work

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It is crashing my pc (windows xp)

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An really cool looking start. Sorry you didn't finish it -- Maybe something to do for the next Pyggy?

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It might be good if it was finished, but after 10 sec of gameplay, i can't give more points

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Looks like unfinished and is not playable. Works only on Windows ;-/

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It was actually fun cruising around listening to the great voice acting, so here are a couple of points. What you have working has good potential :)

4 5 3

The production is exceptional. Please complete the game.

2 2 2 yes

I didn't read the warning and spent 30 seconds looking for the game. You have pulled together something impressive though, so much so that I *wished* it was a game. The voice over work was charming and appropriate. I spent 2 of the judging days looking at the source code for a flag that I could set that would change the game from being a demo to a real live game with 9 levels.

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I really liked the way the view felt. I wish this game were further along! That voice had potential too.

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You clearly put a lot of work into the graphics, shame you couldn't have made it into a game! :( Thanks for the "silent" option. I'm on Ubuntu and it kept crashing for me before I noticed that!

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+ best served with shrooms
+ clean gfx

- everything is missing

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+ Looks good, hope you can develop it into something.