PyWeek - Team Chimera - feedback

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4 5 5

This game is very charming from the beginning! Great music selection, adds a very nice feel to
it, and all the animations, details, and effects makes the sea so full of life.

However, I wish the mine blast radius weren't so big, or at least I had some indication of its
radius. It was frustrating having to restart because I didn't know I was too close, or I had a
wall in between and I thought it would protect me. After dying several times in the first mine
level and eventually passing, I ended up skipping the second mine level (by editing the save)
in frustration because I couldn't get the mine to blow up without me dying, even if I seemed to be
doing the right thing. Then in the following level, I decided to give up, because I couldn't get
the boulders to behave as I wanted them to and I didn't want to redo the exploding boulder every

It's unfortunate, because I really wanted to like this game: it's beautiful, it had a great
start, and the puzzles are well designed, but unless I'm missing something, the physics
puzzles were frustrating to execute and the blast radius was unpredictable. I ended up just
watching your playthrough (I did have the right idea on both parts I failed; I just couldn't
execute them without dying/failing). Still, I thought this was excellent, and I would have
given it a full score if it didn't have these issues.

4 5 5

Awesome! Great storyline, mechanics, and puzzles. I wish it had been slightly faster,
because retrying a couple puzzles where I got killed got a little tedious, but I'm glad I stuck
through it to the end!

4 4 4

I liked this one a lot. Great job on the art and music. It only took me like twenty tries to get the
iceberg in the tunnel.

5 5 4

My favourite game so far!

5 5 5

Great game! Loved it! :D

5 5 5

Excellent complete game. Great graphics, sound and gameplay. I really enjoyed the level
design and how you introduced elements in gradually to show how the world was working. Nice
combination of the physics puzzles and the shooting. Story and cutscenes really added in to
the overall theme. Great job.

4 5 4

nice game, spent way too much time with it

5 4 5

What a brilliant game. My only complaint is the tiny, tiny dialog text was hard to read. I know it
is a tiny game. But my eyes don't work quite that well.

I had a lot of fun with this game, even trying everything again and again vs. the Roboshark.
After I won I watched your video. I did it somewhat differently. I pulled the magnet out of the
pit and combined it with the other one, then moved them up by the entrance. Then I dragged the
mines and dropped them into the pit. Then I placed the two magnets in the lip of the pit so
Roboshark and they would fall in the pit together. It worked. I was disappointed my double
whammy didn't take out Roboshark. :)

Oyster sauce! Justice served. Thanks for the fun game. And kudos, guys.

3 4 4

This looks like a well polished game. I really liked the small details like the fish swimming in
the background. The game play was innovative. It was however not always clear how to progress
forward. Those damn sharks got me every time.

4 3 4

Fun little physics game. Cute story as well.

4 5 4

Super cool mechanics and fun to play. Visually stunning.

5 5 4

And everyone lived happily ever after, until the base was overrun by a mob of angry oysters who
objected to being used as a sauce ingredient.

4 4 4

I think this game really supply a perfect tutorial of how to use pymunk. some level is really
hard to think, the author must spend a lot of work on it, good work, I like it.