PyWeek - Team Chimera - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 5 4

Good puzzle design and progression of difficulty! I wouldn't have minded something slightly
more challenging, but it was still a fun play. Great job working the tutorial in.

3 4 4

I was bummed there weren't more levels.

3 4 4

I enjoyed the airlocks mechanic. It was a little too short given how complete the system was for
creating interesting puzzles. Edge scrolling in such a tiny window was annoying.

4 4 3

Quite a nice basis for a puzzle game, but too short.

Scrolling the view was awkward and inconsistent, which was annoying, but otherwise the
gameplay was fine.

4 3 4

What a cute little game, and cute little puzzles. Simple but challenging. That Edmunds guy was
a real downer. He played his role well.

I like the pixel art style. The fidgeting characters were delightful.

The pathing was nicely displayed and performed well.

I would have liked the dialogue to be easier to read. You might consider using Cosmo's ptext
module next time: outline and gradient
fonts make for readability.

The most troublesome thing was the very thin hit box at the edge of the screen for panning. I had
trouble getting the mouse right on that one pixel! :) Some panning hotkeys, or a wider hit box
would have been welcome.

The game was pretty good about displaying the game state in its tidy little user interface.
That was very well done.

Quite an accomplishment for a pyweek!

4 3 4

I don't much like the pixel look, but apart from that I can't really say a bad word about this
game. Maybe it could be longer.

4 5 4

Really polished, nice!

4 3 3

The intro sequence was great, the rest of the writing felt a bit forced and unneccessary. I
think the game would've been fine with a "we don't know what exploded" -> "you got everyone to
safety and we returned to earth to board the next colony ship" Main issue with the game is the
camera scrolling. Getting that sub-pixel precision is maddening, especially since you
could've just made the window size or resolution slightly bigger and fit the whole map on one

3 4 3

Nice little game. Bloody airlocks!

4 4 4

small hint: icon has been missing in the game window, otherwise a well done entry, more tricky
levels would have been nice, but I know how hard it is to do them, nice work

3 5 4

I only had some issue with scrolling the screen by positioning the mouse next to the border.
Apart from this minor issue, the game is amazing. Is the last level doable without sacrifice of
one of the crew?

4 4 3

I liked this game. The moral decision in the last level was a good twist. I would have liked more
levels taking that further, but a week's a week, so well done for what you made in a week.

5 5 4

Really good game. Too bad there aren't more levels. :(

4 4 4

I think this is a great work, a little advice, the text is hard to recognize, and so is the image.

4 4 3


4 4 3

Well made game. Overall quite fun to play, sometimes though, selecting the units is not that
easy due to the collision box being a bit small. The puzzles were rather simple but had a good

5 5 5

Nice music, nice graphic and nice gameplay. The game is very short! I would like to play more
level. I really apprechiated the tragedy in the space, i would like to see more or this thing in a
game with such a cute graphic. I suggest to create a level were not all the crew can fit on the
escape pod.

4 5 3

The game ran perfectly for me and I'm glad it did because it's very fun! The diary entries,
cutscenes, and sound effects added a lot of character. I only wish it had been longer; three
levels is pretty short and there is a lot of potential here. If you continue working on Adrift I
would add some more gameplay elements also; perhaps adding a z component to make the puzzles
more open-ended?