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2 3 2

Lack of sound effects and a general feeling that the game needed more work to play properly mean that I can't give this a very good score, but I love the graphical style! I'd be interested to see what you could do with this game in the future.

3 2 4

Adventure games rule! This one was hard though.

2 3 1

I loved the 'easter egg', but the engine is still a bit buggy and clumsy, so that lowers the
score. Still needs a lot of work.

2 3 3

Looks like it could be a fun game!

2 3 3

very small and a bit buggy game

2 4 3

Got stuck on the third screen. What can I say, I'm not much of an adventure game player. :p

3 4 3

Very nice graphics I liked it much. It's too bad that it's unfinished I really like point and click adventure.

2 2 3

I thouht this was an interesting idea but the game-play confusing.

2 3 2

Some very promising ideas here, but it isn't really a game yet.

2 4 3

A nice looking game, but horribly confusing. I had no idea what to click on - you really have to click the edge of the screen to move to the next screen, took me ages to work that out!

2 1 3

it's a good idea to make a point and click advanture engine in python, but this one is too buggy.

4 3 3

Pretty cool. I got stuck quite early, but I loved the first screen to the right. Very nice touch.

2 2 3

Horrible, horrible, horrible tacky color scheme. Also, text was hard to read, hero wasn't suitably animated, and it was a little buggy with the controls. Mostly, though, it suffered from a lack of completeness. A little work and could be a nice game for people who wear pink and khaki.

2 3 2

User interface problems (that you already know about) really deducted from what otherwise
could have been a fun game :(

1 3 2

I couldn't get past the first guy. the interface is buggy... not fun to play. pretty tho.

3 3 3

Fairly standard adventure game. I got stuck after the time-traveler asked for food, as I still couldn't grab the apple...

2 2 3

Fun for the few minutes it lasted.

1 1 2

not good enough

1 4 2

Nice concept graphics!

2 3 3

nice graphics..

2 2 2

funny python jokes :)

2 4 1

could not open the door, very dificul to interact, timing of messages very hard to follow. leaving the screen always a pain.

2 3 1

This is one of my favorite genres. As is the case with many games of the genre though, this game is
very short. I also had a problem with reading the text dialogue. It seemed to be written in blue
on a blue background and I honestly could not read it. Other than that the graphics are nice. The
interface seems to be quite buggy and doesn't always do what you wanted. I wasn't sure which
button to press to talk for example, and it didn't seem like it always worked with either one.

2 3 2

Not much to see/do, but I liked the main character (more so when facing you) and the intro was nice.

2 2 3

Bonus points for the matrix view! ;)

Seriously, that was awesome and gave me the biggest smile thus far. After that though it kinda lost my interest. I'm not a big fan of these types of games and usually get frustrated and lost. Looks like it has potential :)