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4 4 4

Fun, challenging, nicely rounded and polished UI. The contemplative mood music is a really
nice choice. Performs well. I only have two complaints: 1) I eventually could not solve the
board :) and 2) I could not read the tiny little popup tips (though the sfx was a help). But
neither of those complaints affected my scoring. Nice game!

4 3 4

I really enjoyed this game. This puzzle is common in games but I liked that you expanded the
scale and turned it into a maze that you had to think through in your mind. Really nice idea.
Would have been good if the character had accelerated a bit more to speed things up. I also liked
the sayings that the character made. Very well done.

4 4 2

Slide across the map and get to the exit! This reminded me of one of the level styles you'd see in
the classic "Chip's Challenge". Very polished! Nice sfx and gfx. Didn't seem to tie in to the
theme at all, and after playing a couple of levels I was kinda bored.

5 5 4

nice game, must have been inspired by beetle, see:

3 5 2

I've played games exactly like this one, but the music and look of the game, and the
acceleration of the rover, made this very pleasant to play. It was hard though, and I think it
jumped the shark when you started making blocks invisible. That's when I gave up.

3 4 4

Cool game! And quite hard .. took me a few goes to get through the first couple of levels then I
bailed and watched the cutscenes. I like the little speech bubbles when bing crashes into
stuff. I liked the story and zany engineers who watch too much Netflix.

5 4 4

I'm not into puzzle games but this one makes me wanna come back :)

3 4 3

Well done getting it by midnight Saturday!

5 5 4

A well-made game. Congratulations!

3 4 2

A solid game.

4 3 4

When you set the game to fullscreen it messes with your display settings. Mine were set to
duplicated and my second monitor zoomed in and only showed half of the screen. With that out of
the way, I loved the core game concept, similar to Ricochet Robot. The graphics are nice; I like
how the rocks are not always the same design. What I didn't like was that I thought that the
invisible blocks etc. started to distract from the pure, logical gameplay. Overall, however
it is still a great game with a neat concept.

1 1 1 yes

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3 4 4

Cool! This is too hard for me though haha.