PyWeek - Paul Brownsea - feedback

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Artillery interesting game.

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Sorry about your troubles. Better luck next time!

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Shooting peas to escape sounds like a funny idea. ;) Too bad that your computer broke.

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Performance was awful until I changed pygame.display.update(update) to
pygame.display.flip(). Game was tricky and a bit random, but sort of addictive in that
annoying way where "I know I can beat that score".

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well ... as you said

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When the world is against you, things don't works they should. Anyway, we wait you with more
luck and more experience next pyweek :-)

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Fun enough to play a few times trying to save more peas.

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nothing to say

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I like the pea parabolas, and: > Press P to begin. I see what you did there :)

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Took me a few peas to notice that the right-hand side of the screen was just as bad as the plates.

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My suggestion is that, even if you have a quite simple story (save peas from be eaten in a dish)
and gameplay, make it consistent. I mean, draw sometihing on the right side of the screen,
otherwise I can't understand why I can't fire them out there... If you mind, my best score was 12

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It's really a shame about your hardware problems. I hope next pyweek brings you better luck!

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The GPL text is 4.42 times larger.

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the game is not bad, the moving plates are original and the story is good. it is too short (not
finished?) and in my opinion the graphic is too simply (not necessary bad but not so
beautiful). cheat: if you locate the sights all down you always save the peas.