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3 3 3

I like the oscilloscope mechanic, but it's not as satifying as just blasting things. It would be nice if there were sections of standard shooter so as to mix it up a bit.

2 2 2 yes

godfryd@ubik:~/PyWeek-10-finals/calipygian/Oscilliscape-150$ python
Segmentation fault

4 5 5

Excellent concept and great graphics. Feels like a very complete game. The idea is very original. I like how you have to put yourself in danger to recover shield, though personally I'd have it "high frequency and high amplitude", since high frequency and low amplitude is still kind of safe. HUD needs polishing as you yourself said, but thanks for the "next level" counter. Although there's not much to expand and the game is already very polished (aside from the HUD), if there were an expanded version of the game, I would definitely like to play it. Excellent work. :)

2 4 4

Is there any way to kill things besides colliding with them? The winning strategy seems to be to just keep oscillating at maximum frequency and amplitude and ram everything.

4 3 5

I had a lot of fun playing this. Very cool idea.

4 4 4

The idea, to control the sinus curved flightpath to avoid obstacles is great and fun to play. Also i like the graphics style of the levels. Besides that it's a game that can be played for 10 minutes (lack of long term challenge) and for me the style of the levels and the main menu style are not matching 100%. The main menu appears less colorfull than the great colored levels. But this is only minor point. Overall it's a really great game. Congratulations!!!

3 4 3

not that easy as it looks like :)

4 4 3

Really hard, but not bad.

4 5 5

One of the best games in the competition. Well balanced gameplay, though it did feel a bit shallow after a while. Music was excellent.

2 5 3 yes

runs too slow on my machine to be playable.

3 4 4

Quite interesting! I like the idea of the movement... in critical moments (when the wall is near and the enemy too) my fingers become crazy and I crash with everything in the worst way :-)

4 5 5

Fantastic game, a real pleasure to play. The descriptions were funny and well written. I only
wish that the shield regen wasn't linked to the speed or rate of oscillation! I found that I was
able to complete all levels with no effort at all by having the oscillations period extremely
short. The backgrounds were amazing, surely your artist has an eye for detail .

1 1 1 yes

sorry, couldnt make it work. had to disable the joystick and still had problems:

File "gamelib/", line 125, in update
File "gamelib/", line 504, in update
File "gamelib/", line 71, in Tick
contents = ships[0].getHudContents()
File "gamelib/", line 113, in getHudContents
return ["Shields:{0}".format(int(self.shield)),
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'format'

1 1 1 yes

Sorry, I cannot run you game in my linux ubuntu 9.10 machine. Segmentation fault.
I don't know why.

4 3 4

It takes a while to get used to the ship's controls, but this is damn fun. Needs balancing.

3 4 4

Very innovative, great graphics and sounds. Unfortunately I'm too stupid to win a level.

2 4 3

original idea, lotsa handmade artwork i like

3 3 3

The backgrounds are awesome, the music is energetic and the control is interesting. Sound effects are missing and there is not much to do unfortunately. I won the game by simply going to maximum frequency and minimum amplitude. If only you could shoot and collect bonuses it might be much more fun. Perhaps you could have done without any moving objects, since those are practically impossible to calculate into my avoidance. Or maybe only introduce them on the second level.

3 4 5

Very Very good!

1 1 1 yes

Seg faults when trying to run. There is no information give. Tried the suggestion for changing the with no effect.

Really wanted to play this just to see why it needed NumPy! :(

4 3 5

Brilliant game mechanic that I've never seen done before. It was hard but satisfyingly so, rather than irritating.