PyWeek - Byte - a Zombie Game - feedback

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3 3 2

It took awhile to get the game setup on two machines. I get the "byte" , "8 bullets" , and " 8
zombies " as a way to tie in the theme but it seems like kind of a stretch.

3 3 2

It would be nice to have an option somehow for a one-player game, but it was still an interesting
game to play once we got to running it on two machines. Not a bad idea, but I'm not sure how zombies
fit the theme of 8-bit.

1 3 2


2 1 3

the game is made up out of thin air, but counts, alright. nice try to make a multiplayer game,
sadly incomplete. keep it up

2 3 3

I liked the look of the level, but didn't find killing the zombie all that fun to be honest.

3 3 5

Connection to theme felt rather weak.

The central idea is interesting, and it's an amusing diversion, but even on a local network
connection, the communication often felt laggy, which hurt the gameplay.

3 4 4

Interesting concept. Nicely executed.

2 3 4

This was pretty hard to get running. I know you only had a week but an interface to connect
server/client together would be best. I liked the concept of this game, but the execution was
lacking. Thanks for being one of the few multiplayer entries!

3 2 3

Lacking a second player, I was unable to properly evaluate the gameplay. However, playing
just the shooter role seemed sufficient.

The game itself seems reasonable, if a bit simple, but hanging at 100% CPU usage while waiting
for a client to connect to the server is a big problem.

In future entries, please try to provide a useful single player experience. Not everyone is
going to be able to find a second player when judging.

1 1 1 yes

Unfortunately the server is completely unresponsive for me. The town graphic appears, but
the player doesn't face the cursor like on the client, and clicking doesn't do anything. The
client seems to work and I think I get the idea. Really creative, I would have given 5/5 on

1 1 1 yes

Tried to follow the instructions to run a local game from two consoles; but the server was

2 2 4

I like the flashlight-shotgun logic. Maybe server-client stuff is not best choice for pyweek
entry, as many people will stop reading after: "TESTING NOTICE: This is a multiplayer game by
nature. To run a server you'll probably need to configure your NAT bla bla...", I guess. Btw I
tried, but I was not able to make it work even locally, I'm sorry

3 4 3

Good work on relatively reliable network code. I suspect

3 4 3

I thought that was neat. If there was a score or something that might provide more incentive to
come back and play again.

2 3 3

I managed to run both players in the same machine, but it was complicated and looks like the both
instances play music, so it was a little bit chaotic. Although visually the game is good, I
think the production value goes down a lot because there's not welcome screen or menu and
making running it's too complicated. That said I think you were quite brave doing it
multi-player, so I gave you extra on production because of that. Also the cooperative
gameplay cancels the fact that is yet another zombie game. The weakest part is that overall is
not too fun to play :(