PyWeek - Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit - feedback

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3 4 3

bueno y original

3 4 4

Great graphics. Difficulty levels is a good idea other games could have used. Bunny animations and models are generally quite good. Moderately complete. Very cute game.

4 2 4

Very fun game, nice graphics - though too geometric sometimes -. A pity it just has 3 levels

2 3 2

Nice idea, but the fun is quickly lost given the easiness of hiding and running. The default
screen is too big to fit a screen with a couple of panels

4 3 4

The graphic is simple but nice. Fun gameplay. Some sound and music would have been nice.

3 4 3

Nice graphics. Very easy gameplay

2 3 2

graphis were ok, but the game itself wasn't fun to play.

3 5 3

Very well polished and quite fun to play for a while. Reminded me a little of pac man for some reason.

2 2 3


5 4 4

Really fun !!!

4 3 4

A very interesting game for one week.

3 4 3

Easy mode is too easy, hard mode is too hard. It'd be nice to have a moderate difficulty level.
Some aspects of the game were really well produced, but in other areas it was lacking, for example there are no pieces of music or sound effects.

3 4 4

I really liked the way that hard mode made it so you had to dig, eat, dig, eat. Very challenging! The overall look and feel was very cartoony and cool, I liked it a lot. I felt everything about this game felt very solid, no loose ends or anything.

3 4 3

interesting game. some music is missing.

3 4 4

Easy level is easy (as noticed in the README), but even passing hard level is quite systematic: go underground, get away of the farmer, come out and eat some before the farmer gets near, go underground again. I liked the idea of the bunny going underground, it's new and funny in a way. Nice 3D graphics, game is playable and basically finished, it would be missing a presentation screen, music and such but it's in good shape as it is.

3 4 3

Good job. The simple 3d shapes are used very well. I don't seem to be able to get the bonus shaders
version working, which is too bad, as that would be cool to see.

4 5 5

Clearly deserves high production ratings. For the target audience of you people, it is
perfect. Game play is fun, but it didn't knock my socks off, but then I'm a little older than what
you were aiming for. I'm also impressed that the game doesn't slaughter my slowish system like
a lot of the 3d games.

4 3 5

Extremely cute graphics!

3 4 3

Really nice looking graphics. Excellent game for it's purpose, though it could use some background music (that's why it's not "excellent" at the category)

3 4 3

Nicely done and fairly enjoyable to play, althouth somewhat repetitive. Could do with more variety in tasks and challenges. The burrowing idea is quite clever and could have more uses, such as getting past obstacles instead of just evading the farmer.


One odd thing is that if you surface outside the fence, you get caught as soon as the farmer reaches the fence, no matter how far away you are... perhaps he's an Olympic-level pole vaulter or something?

4 4 4

quite fun, and very original concept!

3 4 3

Easy is easy; hard is REALLY hard. I like the idea, and the behaviour in the game, but it seems a little too ... simple? That's not it, because sometimes simple is good. I guess it just never clicked with me. That said, I had fun on Easy, and was amused by my decimation in Hard. I love the simple graphics; I think they're stylish in an almost Katamari Damacy way.

4 4 3

Graphics are good, unfortunately, the default view in hard doesn't give you enough time to dig a hole once you see the farmer coming from the south. The overhead view helps in this, but I think the "right" solution is to automatically zoom out so both the farmer and the rabbit are onscreen at all times.

4 3 3

The digging mechanic is quite fun. The farmer's pretty stupid. You can fool him pretty well
even in hard mode especially if you use the digging. Fun little game. Worked a bit slowly on my
system, but it's still fairly playable. (could use some optimisation still)

3 4 4

Nice graphics, great idea! I have missed the sound effects but it's a great game.

2 3 2

The game is somewhat fun, but dying is nasty, because then you have to start the whole game from level one again. A slightly more forgiving system would've been better. I have no complaints about the simple but stylish graphics, but the game would've really benefited from some sound effects and music.

4 4 4

Pretty awesome! I really like the visual style, only missed some audio to go along with the game. :)

I found that I didn't use the dig underground feature very much. I was thinking maybe if some levels were designed that required it, it would force players to learn and use it more. For example, if the level has a fence running through the middle of it and one side of it has the garden stuffs and you spawn on the other. You know?

Anyways, that's really nitpicky stuff. Great game! :D

3 5 4

It's a fun game. As you mentioned on the IRC channel, there needs to be another gameplay mechanic in there somewhere. But it's beatufully made, and has a lot of character.

3 3 4

I liked the game. It looks like it needs more polish, though.

3 4 4

there should be an "interemediate difficulty level

3 1 3

really simple, no music, no sounds, no textures, no storyline

2 3 2

Extremely simplistic, needs some more elements to be interesting. No significant flaws, though.

1 4 3

- It is not intuitive to hold the space down to eat
- An on screen help is missing
- Too slow gameplay