PyWeek - Boomslang - feedback

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4 4 4


4 3 3

Fun polished game which kept me involved. Really glad I had the walkthrough/clues! Maybe they could be incorporated into the game? Many thanks!

3 4 3

I didn't manage to beat this. It was pretty good in a lot of ways. I don't think I have any constructive criticism to help you improve in the future.

5 5 3

Great game, very fun. Seems like this one took a lot of work, particularly with the graphics, which are nicely drawn and detailed. The puzzles are well designed, although I had to resort to the walkthrough a few times.

5 4 3

I really enjoyed this game, I think it's my favourite from pyweek. An adventure game isn't terribly innovative but that didn't really bother me, it had a nice story which I counted. It looks nice, the odd thing could be smoothed off and tidied up later but an excellent pyweek effort.

4 4 4


5 4 3

Great job. Did need the walkthrough once but the difficulty balance felt right. Could have used a bit more in the sound department to feel complete, but what sounds were there were alright.

5 5 2

Nice details, like the actualized text entry after taking the bone from the corpse; 3d-scene-recovery failed ;)

4 4 3

Weel done, I liked it.

5 3 4

I never got into the point-and-click adventure genre before, but this was really good.

I really had fun wandering about the ship, trying to solve the puzzles. The humour was good too. I got stuck after getting the engines running, but I'm probably missing something.

5 5 5

I spend 1.5 hours playing this game! Really good one. I manage to fly to some nice planet :).

3 3 3

The piping and cans were a bit confusing -- I didn't realize that I can hack off three of them, which held me up for a while.

But a point-and-click escape-the-room game suits "Caught" very well!

4 3 2

You've made a great adventure game! Lots of lovely moments and just the right length for a PyWeek entry. The graphics are very basic but do the job adequately! Well done!

4 5 4

I really like this one - well done!!

4 4 3

Adventure is not my favourite genre, but this is a fairly good one. The short
length mostly saves it from the usual "I don't know what do now, so I'll click
everything" syndrome; there is one instance of "I need goal X, and there's no
obvious way to get it, so I'll just go around looking for unrelated puzzles that
need solving" (fixing the pipes).

The atmosphere seemed to start out threatening, but this faded quite rapidly. I
know this level of consistency is hard, but it's worthwhile.

The drawings are good: most of the games I've played so far have suffered from
wide blank spaces. The limited repertoire of sounds is used to good effects.

I liked the boomslang!

5 4 3

I've enjoyed this one. Even though I got stuck and had to peek into the walkthrough (maybe you
were using that machete/leg a bit too often?), it was a lot of fun.

4 4 3

Man, this is one of my favorites! Great job.

4 4 4

Very good effort, I enjoyed it!

4 2 2

Slightly buggy, but very fun. (got myself stuck with ai = looping even after breaking JIM's things under the panel, then replayed with the game to start with JIM dead to see the ending)

1 3 3

I don't know why, but I hate this games, I never go through first level! There's no HELP, no way how to move... Maybe good work, but you should more concentrate about the help..

4 5 3

I like room escape games, and I always hope to see some in Pyweek. So thanks for that! The
downfall of all room escape games is that at some point you just have to click randomly
everywhere until you find something that works. Some are much better than others, and
Suspended Sentence was not bad. I'm really grateful you added a walkthrough. There's always
one or two steps that seems so obvious to the game designer that are completely unintuitive to
any given player. In my case it was sticking the femur in the welder. I think there might have
been a logic error somewhere, because I was able to repair the pipes in the mess hall without the
machete. But overall the story made sense and the challenge level was very good. I gave you 5/5
on production because you put a lot of effort into the writing, the story, the puzzles, and the