PyWeek - Blake Solo - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 4 4

Interesting mechanic.

3 3 3

A fun twist on Jewel Quest. Nice accomplishment for a part-time pyweek!

4 4 4

Nice puzzle game!

5 4 4

Really cute little puzzle game. Simple, yet very effective, and a neat take on the theme.

3 3 4


3 3 2

like the different play options, especially the mp modes.

3 3 3

nice game ;)

4 4 5


4 2 2

I actually had fun with this (:

3 3 4

Yeah. This is what I call an innovative game. It's a real pleasure to play this game. It is
unpretentious but very fun. Special note for the possibility to customize the displacements
keys. Thanks for this game. :)

4 4 4

Neat idea. The clear mode functions as a good tutorial. I gave you an extra Production point because you have the in-game key mapper. Thanks for that!

4 4 4

cool puzzler

3 3 4

Nice idea, reasonably well implemented.

3 4 4

Nice, complete game. Didn't get to try multi-player, though

5 3 4

Much better than a co-op alien shooter! I'm blown away! I never tried making a "falling blocks" game, but I imagine it's not easy to come up with simple, original and fun design. Yet you did it! The game looks quite bare at first, but production is not that low after all. I love the various sprite sets. The different game modes are all awesome ("Clear" may be too easy but it's great as a no-stress tutorial).

I really wish it had a high-score table and "Survival" mode should get faster over time (I can survive indefinitely at the present speed).

4 3 3

A bit simple, but still fun.

3 4 3

Would be nice if you could hold down arrow keys to move around. Nice work on the menus and
tutorials. Is there a score? Or a way to quit back to the menu?

4 4 4

nice :)

4 5 3

Very nice job! Great game mechanic and visuals.

3 3 4

Fun little addictive game. A little bit exhausting for my wrist, could use a hold button feature.

3 4 5


3 4 2

Fun little puzzle game. The tutorial was a nice touch. Would have benefited from some music but otherwise the production is pretty good.

3 4 3

An interesting variation on the bubble/jawbreaker genre. Didn't try multiplayer, but it looked fun

3 3 3

A nice little casual game. Might come back to it if it were on my mobile.

3 3 3

after some time the game is boring, sorry.

3 4 2

Not bad at all, actually.