PyWeek - Bit Lords 101010 - feedback

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4 3 4

Very nice and very fun. At first, I thought I would eventually get tired of it, but constantly adding new enemies and upgrades kept me interested throughout the whole nine levels. Nice work.

3 3 3

I can't believe how long it took me to notice it's a torus.

3 3 3

Nice simple pyweek game. Could have used a bit more variety in gameplay.

5 5 5

I really enjoyed playing this game... it was a lot of fun, and very addictive. Great job!

3 3 3

Simple game concept but nicely executed. I would have preferred it to be a little more strongly tied to the theme though.

3 3 3

The cars and traffic jams were neat. Would be great if they could have been more integral to your
escape - they could run over baddies or you could skitch a lift.

4 3 3

Nice music and effects

Spelling mistakes galore!
Where did the music come from?

3 3 3


4 3 3

maybe a tad to busy

5 5 4

Very addictive! I love the graphics.

4 4 4

Not bad! The story was not very inspired, but the powerups were interesting and well thought out. The graphics and AI are okay.

3 4 4

Well done.

2 3 4

Nice concept, but there are way too many cars on the field especially since you want the
dificulty to scale up.

5 5 3

I really enjoyed this game. It was fun to play and the graphics and production were well done. The intro screen was cute. Of the games I've played so far this pyweek, I think this one may be my favorite.

3 3 3

Playable, kind of nibbles with a twist.

4 4 3

nice game, good music

3 4 4

liked the upgrades.

4 3 3

I loved this game

5 5 4

Enjoyed playing it a lot. The game idea was innovative and gameplay was very intuitive. The game play was easy to understand. The production quality was very good.

4 3 3

I really don't like games that go fullscreen without warning. :-/

3 3 2

Mildly entertaining but way to easy towards the end depending on the bonuses you pick, quite
nice art but no re-playability, also to the award above i didn't realize i was living on a torus
world for ages.

4 3 3

It's exactly the theme.

GFX good, but it can be improve.
SFX little hard to hear and background music good but poor quality of sound.

Start of game to fast, Ferris go too quickly in road

Good game

4 3 3

Kept me playing until I got into the high scores table. I like the powerups. The traffic was pretty well done. It was nice that I could bump into stopped cars and not die (usually).

It was *really* hard until I figured out you could go past the edge of the screen onto the other side.

2 2 1


4 2 3

I like an idea of this game :)

1 1 1

2 3 2

+ I like the traffic starting and stopping with the lights. - Cars can still appear from off the edge of the screen even when the lights are red in that direction, making it dangerous to cross when it should be safe. - Not being able to stop running is a nuisance. - Controls need work, can end up holding down one key but running in a different direction. - Disappointingly it seems to be impossible to trick the enemies into getting run over!