PyWeek - Bomberbirds - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 4 4

Very tough.

3 4 4

missing keys in instructions, theme?

3 2 1

The screen was really crowded, for some reason the transparencies didn't work on my computer
so the black boxes around the bombs made it pretty difficult to play.

3 3 3

is a little fun, but hard to follow the player and everything happen in the screen.

4 4 3

It's a chaotic game, but it's quite fun.

2 2 3

Play area was generally too small, and was too easy to get stuck off screen without any feedback
on what was happening.

4 4 3

excellently balanced sfx and gfx. followed the 8bit style (not necessary the 8bit theme, but
well). high-paced game. fun. hard... until you find the sweet spot. well done!

3 3 3

Very nice 8-bit feel, but the title screen is too busy

The gameplay's straightforward enough, although I never quite got good enough to win a game.
It was quite hard to read the text on the opening screens with all the action going on behind it.
You could put a black outline around the white text or something to improve that.

4 3 4

This is madness! First 10 seconds I do really love the game. "This is best game ever!!!". Than I
realized that it is almost random game. I've mash buttons until someone dies.

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"/home/petras/downloads/pyweek/Bomberbirds-master/gamelib/", line 122, in
start self.mainchar.thrust(tick) UnboundLocalError: local variable 'tick' referenced
before assignment

5 4 3

Great little game that matches the theme! Good fun - well done.

3 3 3

Mayhem, total mayhem.

3 4 4

A neat little game, the graphics and music fit very well and you seem to have most things
implemented. My one complaint is that it was too fast and the controls very difficult to

2 3 1


5 4 4

I really liked the idea and even the bird sprites. Needs multiplayer :)

2 3 2

Not very playable I'm afraid. Good effort but not very fun. I'm not sure if understand the
connection with the theme, but pixelated graphics and mixture of two 8-bit classic games is
fair enough!

3 2 2

The images had black boxes where transparencies should be - this made the game pretty funny
which in turn made for a fun test-run. I don't think that's what you were going for, though. Had
to take points off for innovation as you basically combined existing games. Also, didn't
really do anything too new or exciting with those ideas. Also, I don't see how birds and bombs
fit the theme.

4 4 3

Very nice game! Though it was very challenging. Nice work.

2 3 3

Good music! This could have been fun but it was far, far too difficult for me.

5 5 5

very funny game, perhaps a little bit too short but (in my opinion) it is absolutely focused on
the theme of the contest. the hard difficult of the game is tipical of the old game 8-bit, very
good work!

2 4 3

This game looks great. I felt a little rushed, seems like the speed is a little high. I felt out of
control of my character with the small play area size. Probably could have used more play area
to make this more fun.