PyWeek - Benoit Paquet - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 3

More annoying than fun. Those pitfairies need to drink less caffeine.

3 3 3

Interesting concept.

2 3 2

Interesting game. Some sound would really help it! Many thanks!

4 3 3

I like this game. Those fairies are hard to catch, but that's part of the fun; I like the fact they are so evasive. Could use a bit more horizontal speed, though, to have some more maneuverability. Graphics are nice, though that status bar to the right could look better. Overall, nice work.

3 4 2

The game was quite infuriating as those fairies moved around seemingly at random. Nicely produced although some sound would be nice.

3 3 2

Nicely produced and fun. A little brief and lacking in surprises.

3 3 3

Controlling the flying dude was difficult.

1 3 2

Needs improvements

2 2 3

This thing was impossible to control and the fairies fly at a jillion miles an hour. I finished the game, but I think it was mostly luck.

2 3 3

Needed more content. Control behaviour was rather annoying.

4 4 3

Those fairies are fast!

2 2 1

Catch stuff, avoid other stuff. Where did I see this design before?

2 3 3

A simple enough game, but being slower and less agile than both the ghosts and the fairies pushed it into the "needlessly frustrating" category.

2 4 4


3 3 3

Nice work with the levels but the pitfairy hunter was a little hard to control. I died a lot. XD

5 2 4

Simple game. A lot of fun, but quite difficult.

Room for improvement: sound would make a big difference; a less tiled
look would also be cool. A three-frame walking animation would be nice.
Some creepy audio indication of how close you are to a ghost could add

And of course, more levels (not that I got to the third one): it might be nice
to start out on a level with lots of fairies for an easy introduction; more
crowded levels might add atmosphere.

A very fun little game that's worthy of more work.

3 2 2

too hard to catch fairys

4 2 3

Game was too short. Controlling the player with the jetpack is hard, but it was quite winnable

2 3 3

Implementing a lives system didn't add anything to the game. The fairies moved too randomly and the ghosts too quickly. The graphics weren't bad, but some sfx or music would've helped.

2 2 2

It's a bit hard to control the guy.

2 3 2

Character is very difficult to control.

4 2 3

I found this game to be very funny. It has an adequate level of difficulty, though it would be nice to have the difficulty increased while progressing through levels.

I really liked the physics of the jetpack and the fairies; the movement of those little thingies remembered me of real flies! :)

Some music would have made the game more complete, though.