PyWeek - Belle of Nine Fables - feedback

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3 3 2

Even though this game is unfinished, it was fun to explore around. There is some variety of rooms I can walk around. I like the graphics, too.

2 2 3

I don't really know if you expect to be rated on this game, (demo, software toy?) but here I am. The art was good. The levels were okay.
But, unfortunately, there is no way to win as far as I know. Therefore they player is doomed to spend eternity wandering a creepy castle thingey.
And since you are forced to spend eternity wandering a creepy castle thingey, I found it nice that you can't die.

2 2 3

Pity that it isn't complete

2 4 2

Looked promising, but very little game available.

2 3 1

Among retro-style games, this is one of the best I've seen for nailing the exact look and feel of games from my childhood.

4 3 3

A good platformer.

3 2 3

needed an aim.

3 3 3

Another Prince of Persia ? Is she immortal ?

2 2 2

Looks like it might eventually be entertaining, but it isn't a game yet.

1 3 2

it was not that clear what to do

3 3 2

Seemed interesting, I had fun for the five minutes before it turned out it isn't really a game. An annoying sound effect when you lose energy.

2 3 2

It is a pity you didn't have enough time to finish it. I like this kind of game - they remind me the spectrum time...

3 3 1

Nice nostalgic feel
Smooth movement
Level is not too difficult (I was expecting to die just by touching one critter)
Nice animations
The sound effects were pretty good

Level design is not complete (but you already said that):
If you get stuck at the bottom, you cannot get back up
Falling near the left into an abyss crashes the game (4-6 I believe)
No music (as you also said)

1 1 2

It seemed like a good start. Too bad there was nothing I could do in the game. I think you've got promise for next time!

2 1 2

Hi, just a note to encourage you to take this game further. It looks like it has plenty of potential for fun. Don't let the end of PyWeek deter you. The art and setting have old-school charm. I love the font choice. Go for broke. :)

4 4 3

this game needs more work

1 4 1

Looks really promising! Not very playable right now though.

2 4 3

This looks very promising, I hope you can finish it!

1 4 3

I really like the graphical style and control -- it reminds me of an old NES game. I hope you decide to keep working on it.

2 2 2

2 4 3

Looks nice but I don't know what to do in this game

2 3 2

Shaping up to be a cool 8-bit platformer. Maybe you could complete it during Pyggy?

2 2 1

Level are rich.
The game play is not good.
GFX should be better with more time.

4 4 3

Nice one. Gives you the feel of games of 80s and on Atari. I could not get the relationship with 9 times. The controls were good and working properly. The gameplay is not intuitive while playing the game.

1 4 1

I don't really get this game and the instructions just sent me to the first level? Not really sure how its related to 9 times, nice graphics for a week though

3 4 3

Graphics were nice in 8-bit style. Gameplay was interesting but because the game was incomplete or without any bosses there was nothing to do except explore the area.

2 2 1

The graphics tiles that you've made for this are kind of beautiful, it's just a shame the game is unfinished! - The character controls nicely, and the rooms you have put in are pretty well designed. I visited every room of the map I could get to (in several plays, to find them all) and managed to find everything, including two empty boss rooms, the top layer of the castle, and several rooms which were just a box of spikes, not supposed to be in the main map. I'd have played it more but there isn't any more to play, which is a great shame.

2 3 2

Neat art style. This game looks promising. The physics felt a little slow.

1 2 1

+ nice monty-on-the-run feel
- everything else, it's unfinished

2 3 2

Nice-looking start to a platform exploration game. Couldn't find any objects to pick up, did I miss something?

3 5 3

I love the graphics. Nice work!

2 4 2

Definitely a thing! Hope to see you next time.

5 5 5

4 3 2

I couldn't find any item! Either the Readme was written before the game, or I couldn't see them
:P - but nonetheless I had fun playing it, too bad you couldn't finish it.