PyWeek - Nik Baer's Solo Entry - feedback

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Can't play with it :-(

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This had a lot of potential, but it's quite badly in need of more work to make it playable :(

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no comment

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seems like good amount of research has been done in train physics modeling.

2 3 4

A good idea but the physics are really bad at some point. Because of that I was unable to get past the mountain.

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Are you going to finish this one?

1 2 3

This game would probably be very nice - if it worked properly, that is. I hope you'll still
continue on the project.

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It looks great.. sorry you didn't get it finished in time.

1 1 1

did not run for me

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An interesting looking start. I wish you had had the time to develop this further.

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What a shame! I'd really like to see this one working!

1 2 1

Some errrors in the game made it rather frustrating.

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I think this game has got a great concept, but I didn't manage to get over the first hill (not even close).
Am I just too dumb?

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nice graphics and great gaming concept. i would really like to see this game working!

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A really nice looking game, it's such as shame the physics don't work as I'm sure this would have been really cool had it worked.

2 2 3

Too bad you didn't get the physics working correctly. It looks like it could have been a neat game.

1 3 1 yes

Well, it didn't work, hence the disqualification vote. I thought the cartoony graphics looked pretty good.

Dynamics with constraints is not an easy thing.

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Obviously incomplete. It could be fun, tho.

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Looks interesting, would really like to play when working.

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It's really too bad about the whole "Not Working" thing. I tried adjusting the constants, and got something that didn't cause an immediate break, but then the screen shifted over a lot, and everything broke. I think a few more days could create an actual game out of this.

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This game's concept raises eyebrows a little. If the physics engine wasn't thoroughly
broken, this might be an interesting, although a little too slowly paced game. The graphics
are good and it was nice that there was a tutorial included. The music might get a bit annoying
after a while, but it's ok.

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i wish the game had worked better :) when i played i could never really get the trains to move much. it looks pretty neat though.

2 3 5

I really like this idea from the comments made during the competition and the screenshots. Graphically it's really rather nice, but as a game it just really isn't playable. I hope it's developed further, and that I get to play it properly sometime soon.

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mp3 crashed the game, but commented out those lines and had a listen and played. Sound and graphics are very nice. Would be nice if it was a wee more playable ;)

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The idea was cool and I really wanted to play the game. Too bad the physics doesn't work :(. Good luck next time.