PyWeek - Team Awesome For The Win - feedback

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3 3 3

3 4 2

2 3 3

Not my cup of tea.

2 3 4

The game might have been more fun if the main char could jump further or if the pace was a lot quicker

3 3 3

Cool idea, would be nice to have auto fire on the mouse - its painful after a few seconds of constant clicking.

1 1 1 yes

Crashes with things like "class Game has no attribute buffalo_bar" and division-by-zero errors while firing arrows...

Among other crashes, I wonder if this was actually play-tested. A shame, too, since it seemed like it had some potential. :(

2 2 2

Got a ZeroDivisionError: float division
No hp indicator.
No auto-fire.

3 2 3

2 4 3

Very pretty. I loved the artwork

I found the control system a bit difficult, since I was playing on a laptop with a touchpad. Even when I switched to my desktop machine with a mouse, using arrow keys with my left hand and the mouse with my right was a bit awkward.

There needs to be better feedback about how much health the player has left and what hurts. I kept dying unexpectedly.

The flight patterns of the birds manage to make them both hard to kill in order to gain the power of flight and hard to avoid while flying. Because of this, I never actually finished the game. I only got past the cactus on the far side of the pit once.

Overall, an entertaining game with a few rough edges.

2 4 3

I couldn't shoot!

3 3 4

It was pretty fun, but I couldn't last very long. I would like some indicator of how much health I have left. Also, it kept crashing, I assume whenever I shot straight overhead:<pre> File "pyweek-9-all/awesome/", line 131, in shoot
angle = atan((aim_y - self.y) / (aim_x - (self.x - offset))) + pi
ZeroDivisionError: float division</pre>You should be using atan2 for situations like this.

2 3 3

I couldn't manage to jump over the bird to jump over the high terrain in the 1st level.

3 4 4

Cool little bow and arrow game. Fun spoiled a little by numerous crashes.

2 2 3

Quite difficult game (it actually starts with GAME OVER if you do not act quickly), and very unpolished. Polishing the controls, movement dynamics, animations, sound effects, adding some feedback in the form of a HUD for example and so on, would increase "production" and "fun" rating, and I imagine it would uncover an innovative core that is barely apparent now.

2 3 3

not much fun, I directly landed on one of the enemies at every game start (which killed me) and I did not figure out how to get past that cliff :/

4 4 4

A really promissing game, besides it show some bugs from libraries (maybe?) and from the game
itself, to be fixed - i'm expecting truly awesome games from you in a close future! :)

2 4 3

Too hard - almost impossible to avoid getting immediately killed by a bison.

3 3 3

was fun to play but lacks polish.

2 2 1

Pixelated earth and impossible rift. Nice art though. -1 to production due to bad packaging.

2 3 3 yes

Did not start because of pyglet problem (avbin problem on vista)

1 1 1 yes

Kept crashing after a few seconds of gameplay.

2 3 1 yes

Game crashed when I shot the animal

2 4 2

Kept dying for no apparent reason. Too hard.

2 2 2

Couldn't figure out how to jump over first pit, got tired of shooting birds to see if that would get me over it.

2 3 2

Didn't understand what to do - I died as soon as I walked past a point?

3 4 3

The game was too hard for me (never got past that damn cactus). But since I tried to play it several times, it's probably not bad. ;)

3 3 3

I found the game too difficult. the graphics and the physics are nice, but I couldn't play much since I after a few seconds I was killed. Perhaps releasing an easier version would help.