PyWeek - Aurora Fighter - feedback

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3 4 4


3 4 3

Love the 3d effect.

3 3 3 yes

So slow its unplayable (Ive got a radeon 9800, winXP and python2.5, so there must be some sort of bug somewhere?). Not sure its your fault, so voted Entry did not work.

2 5 2

its a pity such a nice game is soooo slow. 6fps on an atholnxp 2ghz. great music ;)

1 2 2

it is sooooo slooooooooow..

2 4 3

a complete game (gameplay, music, sound, story...)
but it's really slow on older systems ;)

4 4 3

Very fun. :) The large ship is tough. Intro and music are great.

2 3 2

This was really slow.

4 4 2

Very good game, good fun.

3 4 1

The music is probably the best part of this game. The gameplay could be OK, but the game runs unforgivably slowly, so I couldn't even really put it to a test.

3 4 4

Nice intro!

3 4 2

Nice effects, but it ran slow on my machine.

Also, got an error at one point:
NameError: global name 'glScale' is not defined

Should be glScalef for some versions of PyOpenGL.

I did enjoy it.

1 3 3 yes

Runs at about 4.5fps on my system (Python 2.5, OpenGL, MacOSX 10.4, dual 1.25GHz, ATI Radeon 9000 Pro), making it effectively unplayable.

5 5 5

Very nice looking tunnel game--my only minor complaint is some of the ships are hard to spot. At least for easy levels they should be easier to see. Control was very good; especially nice was it didn't force you to steer through the tunnels. Shooting was very realistic and tricky in a good way. Special effects were great. It was immersive; it felt like I was flying through a tunnel. Superb effort.

4 4 2

Fun game. Nice intro. Sounds and music are really cool. Playability could be improved, some times shooting could be very difficult. Levels others that first are really difficult. Good work.

1 1 1 yes

Crashes with:
2007-09-20 16:59:56.859 python[13521] An uncaught exception was raised
2007-09-20 16:59:56.860 python[13521] *** -[NSLayoutManager glyphRangeForTextContainer:]: given container does not appear in the list of containers for this NSLayoutManager.
2007-09-20 16:59:56.860 python[13521] *** Uncaught exception: <NSInvalidArgumentException> *** -[NSLayoutManager glyphRangeForTextContainer:]: given container does not appear in the list of containers for this NSLayoutManager.
Trace/BPT trap

2 4 3

Nice work. It needs a little more challenging aspects to make it a fun game. (When I first rated
this game I got it confused with another. I've adjusted the rating accordingly.)

2 3 3

I am not a spacechips games player, anyway I could play it and have fun for a while.

3 3 2

nice rebel assault thing. sound and graphics are ok and the tunnel is a little bit twisted ;)

4 5 4

Very fun and polished, kudos for the intro.

4 3 2

solid gameplay, the graphics fit and the theme has been met very well.

2 3 2

Not bad, if a little familiar. The use of "ESC" to go forward through the screens was surprising.

2 3 2

It would have been a lot more fun if it had been faster (I think).

5 4 3

nice intro (starwars with a twist)

3 4 3

You guys put a lot of work in the production, I love the textures and the physics of the shoots also i love fliying things on tunnels :p i missed a little of the ship not getting out of the center of the tunnel by herself but only that.

3 4 3

Fun and well done game. Not really my kind of game, but very nice.

4 5 4

Great music, great graphics... Thanks!

2 2 3

I don't know how you did it, but the game was VERY slow on my machine, running on about 8 (!) fps. I couldn't make it any faster without music and VFX, so sorry, low points from me.

4 5 3

Wow. Solid entry. Great music. Solid on-rails shooter. It's kind of hard to hit stuff, though. Make the bullets go faster. And the tunnels a little wider!

4 4 3

Nice job. All the textures are low-res though.. especially the cross-hair, which obscures view of the enemy!

3 4 4

This would be a great game if it wasn't so damn slow. It takes ages until you get to the next
enemies and then the somewhat sluggish controls make fighting less fun. More levels, more
speed, more enemies with less health and it would be good. I just read that the game runs fine
with pyOpenGL 2.x and not 3.x - I'd love to try but there is no windows version for Python 2.5 :/

2 3 4

It was a nice idea, but it was not much fun to play - I was not able to enter FullScreen mode and the game ran rather slow on my CPU (AMD 4000+).. ;(

2 4 2

Runs really slowly on my machine. ??

3 5 3

Not bad at all. I had trouble shooting some people and it felt a bit repetative but deifnitely a lot bette than most entries.

2 3 3

Good textures, bad speed and I cannot see other ships the distant spot I don't like the intro

2 3 3

Good game. Would be nice if the ships moved faster.

3 4 3 yes

Very cool. I'm quite bad at it, only could win level 1 - still quite fun trying the three levels.

3 3 3

The intro was a bit long (but at least it was easy to see how to skip it). I couldn't figure out how to fire until I read the readme. After I figured out the controls though it wasn't bad.

3 3 2

The game run very slow in my machine. I like music of this game! It's cool.

3 3 1

average arcade shooter