PyWeek - Brainwashed - feedback

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3 3 2

It's a fun game and it manages to tell its story. Using Ctrl for shooting is a terrible choice.
Ctrl-Left/Right are handled by the OS (Mac OS X).

5 3 4

Very addicting game, and very challenging, if a bit frustrating at times. I just had to keep
playing to the end.

4 4 4

3 2 3

Decent idea. Interface needs work.

4 3 2

Addictive to play, in the "just one more go" tradition. Would have been nice to be able to shoo
people into the same place to bomb them all at once.

3 3 2

There's always a single person somewhere in the corner and I'm already out of bombs.

3 4 3

So Evil!! :-) Anyways, good game development and good production.

3 3 2

Probably the maddest scientist in pyweek14.

4 3 3

Nice job! Fun to play and the story part was amusing :)

3 2 3

After defeating all the enemies on level 3 for the fourth time and then running out of bombs
because the last two humans ran to opposite sides of the screen I was almost ready to give up ...
this game is frustratingly unforgiving! You managed to give every level a different feel,
which is a nice achievement in a fairly mechanically simple game like this. Please check for
proper punctuation and so on in your dialogue; it makes the game feel so much more polished!

2 3 2

Don't kill humans you @#&%, their minds are precious!

4 3 2

Seriously intense game, way too easy to restart and try again. It makes the game very
addictive. Game is colourful but the music got a bit annoying after a while. All in all a very fun
quick game.

2 3 3

it run

3 3 3

An all round average game. The best feature for me was the story line. Loved it, found it very
amusing so whoever crafted that gets brownie points from me. It's great that it's so hard, but
to be honest once I failed a level twice I gave up because I didn't care that I didn't complete
it... knowing that I'd forget about it in a weeks time. In terms of gameplay I don't feel like
you've broken new grounds. The story is creative for sure but the platform, movement, etc is
all very standard. I am looking for a game that I haven't seen before. If I wanted to time
clicking on a screen I'd rather play Helicopter. Sound and music wasn't unbearable but not
particularly enjoyable either.

3 4 3

very nice intro, but the game is too difficult for me awesome music! :-)